5 Things that Happened in Haven's Flashback Episode that Blew Our Minds

Friday, November 13, 2015 - 7:00am

So, last night's 1983 flashback episode of Haven was super fun and full of twists, turns and revelations that blew our minds and answered some lingering questions we've had for 5 seasons!

Starting with...

1. The proper introduction of Lucy Ripley.

We've seen glimpses of her in other episodes but last night, we got to see how deeply connected she was to her son James, those bangs, and ending the Troubles in Haven. In fact, Lucy was so committed to saving her town that she was willing to kill her own son - a new development for us as viewers! - in order to end the Troubles for good.  Also, on the cheeky side of things, we learned that Lucy was the "lady friend" of Chief Garland Wuornos, Nathan's dad. Which means that back in 1955, Nathan conceived a love child with Sarah who would later go on to be Lucy, who was basically Nathan's step-mother.

2. Barbara Colton and the thinny seen around the worl-er...Haven.

Thanks to Barbara Colton's guilty conscious and sticky fingers, Nathan now knows how to *possibly* save the future. The Colton family Trouble of being able to phase through solid matter, coupled with the power of the majestic ring from Charlotte and Mara's world, can create a thinny that will allow Nathan to slip into The Void and find the controller, which he can use to create the new Barn that will end the Troubles - for reals this time...we think.  

3. Speaking of thinnies...

So, now we know exactly how Croatoan was able to possess Dave that day on the beach in '83. If not for petty thief Barbara Colton's temporary thinnie, perhaps Dave might not have walked into The Void and then perhaps Croatoan might not have been able to grab a hold of him and then perhaps he would have never killed James. But perhaps is more like almost and almost doesn't count. All of the aforementioned happened, in a gruesome way. With vivid detail we saw exactly how Croatoan - via Dave - drew all the aether and life out of James' body and also how he wiped the memories of everyone who was walking along the beach that day. Which further explains why no one was ever able to remember exactly how or why James was murdered. They all lost time, the signature calling card of Croatoan.

4. Breaking News!

We finally saw the genesis of that emblematic Haven Herald front page news story (the one from the opening credits) that depicts the murder scene of The Colorado Kid. A little boy who Nathan met at the beginning of the episode, Saul Goodwin, snapped the picture. Through last night's episode, it was interesting to see all the events leading up to the moment the picture was taken. Now, when we look back at the photo, Lucy no longer looks menacing, as it was once implied, but rather somber - a mother who just watched her son be murdered by a monster, from another dimension, wearing her friend Dave's skin as a human husk.

5. Forget me not.

Thanks to some sharp thinking on Nathan's behalf back in 1983, he wrote a letter to Duke giving him instructions on how to one day save Haven (see item #2, above). Nathan asked Saul Goodwin, who was a little boy back in the 80's, to stalk Duke throughout his life and deliver the letter to him when the time came, which seems like an ominous task to us but little Saul apparently saw it as an adventure. We were both impressed, relieved (for the sake of Haven) and disturbed by Saul's relentless sleuthing.  


Ok, this makes "6" things that blew our minds, but seriously, let's give it up for the actor (Jonathan Crombie) who played the younger version of Dave. His portrayal of the bespectacled Teague brother was spot on and we loved it. Bravo!