Haven’s Final Episodes: 5 Things You Need to Know Before the Premiere

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - 7:00am

A lot happened in the first half of Season Five, but here are five things that you absolutely NEED to know in order to stay in the loop. Haven's final episodes begin on Thursday 10/9c.

1. It turns out that Lucy, Sarah, and Audrey are all the various personalities we've seen played by the lovely Emily Rose are all derivatives of one evil woman named Mara, who's from another dimension. Mara and her boyfriend William — who used to appear in a Syfy series called Eureka (okay, the actor was) — created the Troubles because they were bored and because they are awful people. Mara's mother Charlotte - who used to appear in a Syfy series called Alphas (yeah, the actress)- tried to keep a wrap on Mara's trouble making (pun intended) by banishing her into the Barn and erasing Mara's memories, which ends the Troubles …for a time. Hence, "Mara" arrives back in Haven every 27 years with a new identity and no recollection of her past.

2. Mara's evil spirit high-jacked the body of Audrey Parker for the first half of last season and went about town creating chaos, killing people and trying to escape into the void through any open "thinnies" she could find. In the void, Mara hoped to be reunited with her boyfriend, William. Nathan and Duke were able to separate Mara's evil personality from her body, creating two Audreys - or rather, one Audrey and one Mara - which got confusing and tiring for everyone involved.

3. Eventually, Audrey and Mara merged because co-existing was causing Audrey to get sick. Audrey emerged as the dominant personality.

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4. Mara left her calling card in Duke by filling his body with countless new Troubles. Duke had to release them (or he'd basically explode), causing new Troubles to spread all over town and "infect" most residents. 

5. As all of the above was happening we found out that local newspaper owner Dave Teagues was adopted from an orphanage near the town of Croatoan, VA. Which just so happened to be the same word Dave started to see in a series of visions he had of a man running through a mysterious green mist in an unknown wooded area. We saw this green mist before, every time Mara tried to open up a "thinnie" to find William.

And here you have it, five of the most important things you need to know before the final episodes begin. Want more details? Take a look at Haven's Season 5 101 for a more robust look at other important info from last season.

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