Welcome to Haven

Special FBI agent Audrey Parker is sent to Haven, Maine to find and arrest Jonas Lester — An escaped prisoner and guard killer. On her way to Maine she is thrown off course by a weird, sudden splitting of the ground, which sends her car over a ledge and dangling off the side of a cliff. Luckily, Officer Nathan from the local police department is around and quickly extracts her from the car as it slides down onto the jagged rocks. The two of them quickly develop a friendship and take on Lester's case.

Shortly after, they discover that Lester is dead, but their mission is not over just yet. They need to find out who killed him and why. The unlikely duo finds out later that Lester was thrown off a cliff on Edgewater beach by a powerful unknown force. Nathan immediately suspects Conrad Brower; the man Lester stole a fortune from years ago. Of course Conrad denies any involvement and in the midst of his interrogation a mysterious, and dark cloud appears and Conrad disappears.

Nathan then considers a childhood acquaintance by the name of Duke for the crime. But in an odd twist of fate, Duke later saves Audrey after she's thrown into the ocean by an electric volt during a sudden hailstorm. Surely someone this heroic wouldn't kill anybody. Right? …

After being one of the few to survive a deadly storm, Maryanne inherited over 2 million dollars and Lester broke out of jail to steal it from her. But the plot thickens — Lester had a partner, Maryanne's boyfriend Ted, who convinced her to move to San Diego. He gained access to her account and claimed that he would make a down payment on a new building. Instead he wiped out her bank account and planned to run off with the money. Before he could leave town, Maryanne confronted him and her anger allowed her to alter the weather, an unknown special power of hers (crazy fog and thunderstorms from earlier? Yep, all caused by Maryanne).

During the big climax, Ted is taken down with the help of Audrey and Nathan. And although Maryanne is the one who killed Lester with her powers, Audrey goes easy on her since it was kinda (sorta) an accident.

With this solved, Audrey decides to stay in Haven a little while longer to crack the case of her own identity that may end up being linked to this peculiar town.