Ahoy matey! Along the shores, Hank, a boat builder, finds an old abandoned vessel that held five men on board the day it went down. Supposedly amongst the five were the owners, Andy and James. As Hank explores the boats remains he encounters a skeleton, tangled in the nets (Shiver me timbers!) Hank believes the skeleton belongs to Andy and calls his wife Vera, to pick up his necklace. Oddly, Hank is no stranger to this vessel because he helped the owners build it before it went down.

Meanwhile, Vera barges into the house of James wife, Tracy, yelling about the wreck being James' fault because of his alcohol addiction. In fact, Vera is convinced that James isn't dead, but that he ran away to avoid jail time once the ship sunk. During a heated argument, Vera slaps Tracy and suddenly a gust of wind enters the room and throws Vera into the wall (Gasp!).

Once Audrey and Nathan come to investigate, Tracy is certain that moving out of Haven is the best thing for her family. Tracy's son Michael gets very aggressive and defensive when his Brooke declares their dad to be a murder. Audrey suspects that the children might be telekinetic but when she asks Tracy about the unexplainable things that have been happening in Haven, Tracy claims to have no knowledge of it.

In the meantime, Duke reveals to Nathan that Hank received faulty boat parts from Sal and Nancy Fortuna —owners of East Haven Metal Works. Apparently, Hank convinced Andy and James to do business with the Fortuna's even though he knew they were cutting corners and as a result, the boat sank. But, who was telekinetic? Soon, Tracy tells Audrey that James discussed having seizures when he was little, but Lucy, Audrey's mother, helped him get over it, by holding onto him.

Later, while sitting in James' office Audrey grabs onto this mysterious, yet invisible force that keeps throwing things around. And surprise, surprise —it's James. Apparently James is not dead; in fact he had a seizure the day of the wreck and couldn't make it to the dock. However, he discovered that the boat parts were faulty and tried to warn Andy, but because of the seizure, his movements sped up so fast and no one could see him. Everything he touches breaks or flies into something and when Audrey lets go of him he disappears. He re-emerges when Michael has a seizure and the Fortuna's break into his house to steal the evidence linking them to the boat parts. Audrey uses him to disable to gun-toting couple and for a short while he was reunited with his family. Unfortunately, his tremors were so bad that he disappears again for the last time and Michael recovers from his seizure but will probably have the same issue, since it's hereditary.

In the end, Audrey feels a sense of belonging when she realizes that her gift of connecting with the "troubled people" comes from Lucy.