Come here, come a little closer… you're going to definitely want to lean in for this one. After 25 years in Shawshank State Prison, Max Hansen is out on parole and looking forward to reconnecting with some old Haven pals.

First on his list of pit stops is the Haven Herald, where Dave is visibly shaken by his presence. Next, Max wanders off to the Grey Gull to find Chief Wournos who threatens to have his parole violated if he doesn't leave Main and vow to never return again. However, that doesn't scare Max and he decides to stay in Haven anyway, at least until he gets what he came for.

Soon after, Max visits the guy every criminal goes to see — Duke! As we all know, Duke is no wimp so he prepares to take Max down who by now has uncovered a four pointed star (maze) tattoo on his forearm (Yikes!). Duke is shocked and heads over to see Audrey who is taking a rest from all of the drama, per Nathan's request.

After hearing about Duke's encounter, Audrey decides to pay Max a visit. During their conversation it is revealed that Max is in fact the Colorado Kid murderer. While at the restaurant, the waiter accidentally spills hot coffee on Max's arm but he barely feels it (sound like someone we know?). Oddly, Max abruptly ends his meeting with Audrey after she asks to see his "famous" tattoo. He then goes to find Nathan, who he realizes can't feel pain either.

Later on, Audrey tells Nathan about Max's little "problem" and he confronts Chief Wournos who reveals to him that Max is actually his real father. Apparently, the Chief adopted Nathan because Max was an unfit parent and treated Nathan's mother terribly. Nathan is understandably shocked and angered by this news.

But before Nathan can reconcile with his biological father, a huge crack opens in the ground and swallows Max up— killing him. Later on, it's revealed that the common thread between all of the mysterious cracks around town is Chief Wournos. They find him sitting alone on the beach in distress, with a gun in his hand. He explains that he had been trying to control his "trouble" forever and that he could no longer hang on. Suddenly the ground starts to separate and Nathan is told that he must take over as chief. This time around Audrey doesn't have a plan or bright idea. All she can do is watch as Chief Wournos explode into pieces, leaving nothing but his badge behind on the gravel (OMG!).

In the meantime, Julia tells Duke that her grandfather also had the tattoo on his forearm and takes him to the cemetery, where every tombstone has the same symbol. Once they return, the emblem appears on Julia's shoulder and although Duke notices, he decides to keep his mouth shut.

Eventually, Nathan reveals to Audrey that he can feel her touch and Audrey reveals to Nathan that Lucy isn't her mother. Instead she tells him that she is Lucy, reincarnated. Oddly, at that same moment a female FBI agent approaches them and says that her name is— Wait for it— Audrey Parker (what the…?!).

Talk about ending on a high note… can't wait until next season!