As agent Parker begins to enjoy a day at the farmers market, she is sidetracked by the mysterious and rapid decay of the fruits and vegetables, which is making everyone sick. No one can explain these strange happenings, so agent Parker takes on the responsibility of cracking the case.

Oddly enough, only a few of the food carts are infected by this unknown pathogen, which causes the food to spoil at the same time. After a brief investigation of the farm in which most of the food was distributed from, agent Parker realizes that the food is not the only thing infected. In fact, cows begin to ooze black puss from their udders, pigeons drop dead and chickens deliver bad eggs.

Finally, agent Parker and Nathan discover that Hydrochloric acid is the main ingredient to all of this chaos and corruption. However, they still need to figure out who would be sick enough, smart enough and yet fast enough to pull off this stunt without anyone noticing?

Agent Parker and Nathan decide to visit "Second Chance Bistro" owned by Bill and Jeff McShaw. Jeff is a cocky head chef and his jealous girlfriend Katerina is his assistant chef. Bill is the loving brother who is often taken advantage off by Jeff— something his wife, Meg absolutely hates. Maybe, Jeff and Bill attracted a few enemies when they went into business. The attention is immediately drawn to John Robert, a stiff competitor who wants to buy the McShaws' business. During the re-opening of the "Second Chance Bistro", which John attends, it happens again. All of the food that appears to be very delicious and edible quickly corrodes— becoming very gross and inedible.

This hurt the McShaws' image and reputation. Surely, they could not recover from such devastation. So, Jeff decides to part ways and go back to New York to take a position with one of the top chefs there. After a terrible argument with Bill and Katerina, Jeff accidentally falls over the dock and drowns.

Now, Bill is the main suspect for Jeff's death and the corrosion of the produce. So, agent Parker insists that Bill eat the food he prepared to make sure that it wasn't laced with acid. After nothing happens to Bill or the food, she angers him by accusing him of his brothers' death. As his anger and frustration increases, the food begins to rot. The mystery is solved! Bill's anger and stress causes the produce to go bad and is what could have killed Jeff as he walked the dock near the decaying fish.

Yet, Jeff's autopsy report shows that he had an allergic reaction to sesame seed oil, which ultimately caused him to fall into the water and drown. Katerina's extensive training in the kitchen allowed her to successfully mask the sesame seed oil in a pastry, which was the only thing, found in Jeff's stomach at the time of his death. Katerina confesses that she was hurt by his decision to leave her and only wanted to scare him. Unfortunately, that was a prank gone terribly wrong.