OMG, is that a wolf? Whatever it is, it has no mercy on T.R. Holt — a Haven hunt club member. Poor T.R was mangled to death by a vicious animal, so like good detectives Audrey and Nathan go hunting to find the culprit.

Once Chief Warnous, who's a member of the Hunt club, gets word of what happened, he is anxious to find the deadly animal. However, Nathan and Audrey convince him to delay his search until they can "ask around". They get word from Landon, owner of Haven's laundry cleaners, that TR and Brad Donnelly had an argument the night before. In the heat of the fight one of the brothers tried to shoot the other and the bullet (luckily) missed Landon (an innocent bystander) by a few inches *sigh of relief! *

Dave, a Haven news reporter and hunt club member, later tells Audrey and Nathan that TR and Donnelly were either fighting over Susanna (Donnelly's wife) who allegedly had an affair with T.R. OR they were fighting with Jess Minion, who's an animal rights activist and always gives the guys a hard time about hunting. Either way, Donnelly becomes the main suspect but in a weird turn of events, an animal kills him in his garage. Susanna shares that Jess put a hieroglyphic sign on their fence, which she believes is a curse.

So who becomes the next suspect in the string of attacks?! Jess of course. So Audrey and Nate per her a visit. Jess reveals to them that TR hated her because she refused to let him and the club members hunt on her 90 acres of land. But she maintains that she had nothing to do with his or Donnelly's deaths and that the hieroglyphic sign she drew on Susanna's fence meant, "offering forgiveness". Hmmm…

After losing patience with the progress of the case, Chief Warnous decides to move forward with his original plan to hunt for the animal. While in the woods, a moose lunges forward and tries to attack him. After killing it with their shotguns, Nathan and Audrey realize that the animal is stuffed. That's right, we said stuffed!

Ironically, Chief Warnous killed a moose two years before and apparently the animals that the club members killed (and stuffed) came back to life, looking for revenge. *gasp*

Nathan and Audrey track the "stuffing" to Landon and when they arrive to question him, his mother Piper tries to attack them with a knife. She ends up accidentally cutting Landon's arm— exposing his "stuffing". It turns out that Piper stuffed Landon when he almost died in a fire a few years before to preserve his life. When she got word that he was shot at, her anxiety levels spiked, which caused the animals to come alive and seek justice. So in order to stop the animals, dear Piper must pay the price. Like any fallen hero, who had really really good intentions in the beginning, she locks herself in the room with Nathan and Audrey and is killed— revealing the fact that she too is stuffed.

And since Jess turned out to be a kindhearted animal lover who takes a certain sympathy towards Nathan and his inability to feel pain, he decideds to take her out on a date. Meanwhile, Audrey tussles with how to honestly report the "animal case" and still wonders how she'll ever find her family in the chaotic little town of Haven.