On a boat docked near the shore, a group of familiar businessmen await Wallace's (a banker) announcement of a new "get-rich" scheme. But after losing money in a past failed business venture, they all opt out and leave Wallace on the boat to dwell on his rejection. As Wallace waits for Vicky, a member of the boat crew, to bring him a beer, an invisible force attacks his body — bending and twisting him, which results in identical clean breaks through his four limbs and femur. Ouch!

The only witness to this odd event is Vicky who is visibly distraught and works along side her dad Alec and fiance Jimmy. After a brief interview with all three, Alec admits to Audrey and Nathan that they all feel overworked and unappreciated by the guys they work for, including Wallace.

In another part of town, real estate agent, Joe Santamaro, is sliced and skinned to death in his office by a...wait for it … invisible force. And guess who was in Joe's office at the time of the slicing … Yep, Alec! He was there trying to sell his house because he was struggling financially, but Joe couldn't get him any offers. It turns out that Joe was "ethically challenged" — double dipping and shady in his everyday business dealings. Ironically, Wallace was also known to be dishonest. Drawing any parallels yet? Something about both cases seemed a bit sketchy and luckily Audrey and Nathan were inches away from figuring it out.

Audrey suspects that perhaps Alec has serious anger issues and when he's in the presence of liars and cheaters he becomes an uncontrolled telekinetic vigilante — taking down Haven scum and killing them dead in their tracks. Audrey's theory must be tested so, she attempts to incite Alec's anger. However, after insinuating that he killed Wallace and Joe, insulting his ability to provide for his family and just being plain ol' rude, nothing happens.

They then consider Jimmy as a suspect but when they go to question him, his face begins to morph and his ears, mouth and eyes vanish! Leaving Vicky as their last suspsect. After breaking into her garage they find a bunch of scattered drawings of the town, townspeople and even Nathan. When Audrey touches Nathan's picture he is thrown into the wall. Apparently, whenever anything is done to the drawings, it affects what happens to the person in real life. So why did Vicky break Wallace, kill Joe and erase her fiances face?

Apparently Wallace, Joe and Alec were indebted to Richards, the Captain of the Boat where Wallace held his "business meeting". Somehow, Richards was aware of Vicky's drawing abilities and took Alec as his hostage to coerce her into drawing pictures of the other men. Fortunately, Audrey and Nathan find Richards (who drowns on the dock after his picture falls in the water) and release Alec with the help of Duke. In the end, Alec might not have been a telekinetic vigilante but at least Haven was stripped of all that scum.