Who, What, Where, Wendingo?

When a trucker stops at a diner in Haven, he happens to see a serial killer chasing a young boy. The trucker jumps into action to stop the serial killer but someone (or something) knocks the trucker out cold. With Dwight, Dave, Vince and the kidnapped boy's father in tow, Nathan and Audrey search the woods for Rory, the boy the killer kidnapped. What they find is horrifying: The killer's eviscerated body hanging from a tree.

Dave is certain that the killing is the work of a Wendigo—a spirit that eats human flesh—but Dwight seems to think the man was killed and eaten by people.  As the search continues, the group is surprised to run into Duke and Reverend Driscoll, who are also searching for the kidnapped boy—in their own way. After Dwight imagines seeing his dead daughter, Rory, the "kidnapped" boy comes running out of the woods, claiming that he killed the serial killer before promptly disappearing again.

After the motley crew makes camp for the night, Duke and Audrey have a heart to heart about what he's really doing with Reverend Driscoll: trying to get answers. Their talk, however, is interrupted by more blood-curdling screams.  They dash into the woods where Nathan runs into two young sisters with blood on them. These are the Wendigos who have been eating all the animals in the forest. Unfortunately, their middle sister Amelia still eats humans. 

Amelia has also been dating Rory and Audrey deduces that Amelia and Rory must have lured the serial killer into the woods so that Amelia could eat him.  In the morning, Rory kidnaps Reverend Driscoll to be Amelia's next meal.  While Vince and Dave wait at an abandoned Ranger Station, Nathan, Audrey and Dwight head for the corner of the park where they know they'll find Amelia's sisters.  Dwight takes the youngest sister to his truck for medical attention, while Nathan and Audrey ask for help finding Amelia. 

Dwight gets caught in a bear trap but perseveres and Rory tries to lead the search party away from Amelia but Audrey shows up just in time to prevent Reverend Driscoll from killing Amelia—by putting a bullet in his chest.  Even though Nathan has his doubts about the shooting, he defends Audrey when the rest of the search party shows up.  No one is more upset than Duke, who will never get the answers he wanted from Reverend Driscoll.

Dwight takes the three girls to a local slaughterhouse to feed freely until they can figure out a next step and Audrey stands by her actions, even though no one else does.