Silent Night

When a runaway girl named Hadley Chambers is found looking for her mother in the local movie theater, Nathan and Audrey must investigate, but first Audrey must get over the fact that the whole town is putting up Christmas decorations in the middle of July. Apparently everyone else thinks that it's Christmas Eve. 

Hadley says that she can't find her mom but people seem to think Hadley only lives with her dad, Mr. Chambers, and never had a mother. Even odder, "Silent Night" seems to be playing randomly all over town and the townspeople are disappearing, one at a time.  Audrey is convinced that a troubled person is causing all of this but no one believes her, not even Nathan.

Audrey takes Duke with her to investigate "ground zero," the place where she first noticed all the Christmas activity, but the bakery she remembers is now missing it's original owner. Later, when the two of them investigate a surfer who has been cut in half, the surfer's body disappears right before their eyes.

Meanwhile, Vince and Dave get an offer from someone who wants to buy the Haven Herald but Dave isn't interested. That's good news for Audrey who visits their office to ask if they can explain what's happening in town. They tell her about a man from the 60s named Chambers who claimed to have accidentally made all his family and friends disappear forever before he committed suicide.

Thinking that this "Chambers" of yesteryear might be related to Hadley's father, Audrey goes to get Nathan so they can make sure the same thing doesn't happen all over again. Only Nathan still doesn't believe her. Nevertheless, Audrey and Duke convince Nathan to come with them right before Duke vanishes and Nathan doesn't even remember him.

Things get even worse when Nathan and Audrey discover they are trapped inside a glass bubble of some kind.  With options running out and more people disappearing, Nathan and Audrey rush to find Chambers at his toyshop. What they find instead is evidence to suggest that the whole town is trapped inside a huge snow globe that plays "Silent Night."

When Nathan vanishes too, Audrey runs back to the Haven Herald where only Vince works now—Dave has disappeared—and finds out there are less than 20 people left in town. Using the Herald delivery list, Audrey finds Chambers who vanishes too.  Audrey knows then that the troubled person must be Hadley, his daughter.

When Audrey finally finds Hadley hiding out in the movie theater, the two of them are the very last inhabitants of Haven. Audrey certainly has her work cut out for her—trying to convince the grumpy teenager that she's the one responsible for the townspeople vanishing.  Hadley's fear of being abandoned has somehow activated her trouble and the only thing that can stop it is admitting that she wants to be loved.

Once Hadley opens her heart, the people of Haven reappear and none of them remember what happened except, of course, Audrey, who has finally developed some holiday cheer.