Audrey Parker and Chris Brody are out on their first official date—sort of. First, Audrey has to stop by the Keegan estate to drop off a marriage license. Chris isn't happy about it, especially since he can't get used to having his father's "gift" of everyone liking him. Audrey is amused at first, especially when Duke and Evi show up, but when things turn sinister, it's no laughing matter for anyone.

First, Peter Novelli, the greedy young fiancée, argues with Ben Keegan, his soon to be father-in-law about land ownership. Later, when Ben refuses to let his daughter marry Peter, Ben vanishes, leaving few clues behind except for a massive mess and a trail into the woods.

Meanwhile, even though Duke and Evi are only supposed to be supplying the wedding party with liquor, they take the opportunity to ask Beverly Keegan, the head of the historical society, about the mysterious box they found. Beverly is obviously interested in buying the box, but what Duke really wanted was information about any special powers the box might have.

Audrey immediately suspects Peter of killing Ben but when she tries to talk to Peter's uncle, Don Novelli, about it, they are interrupted by screams. Ben Keegan's body has been found at the edge of the woods.  Not only has his body been torn apart, it's also laced with scars very similar to the ones on Don Novelli's arms.

Vince and Dave are on their way to the Keegan estate to take some pictures for the local paper when Dave's van breaks down—as usual. When Nathan comes to help, tree roots leap to life and attack the trio.  At the same time, Audrey and the wedding party are also being attacked by tree roots and seek safety in a nearby barn. In the barn, tensions rise all around, including between Audrey and Chris.

Nathan, concerned for Audrey's safety, and perhaps a little jealous of her connection to Chris, braves the wild and fights his way to the Keegan estate by keeping the roots at bay with flares. His efforts are brave but unnecessary, since Audrey has finally been able to figure out that it's the long feud between the Novelli and Keegan families that is bringing the roots to life. The solution? Love.

After some quick and intense therapeutic venting, Audrey and Chris help the families reconcile their differences. Then, two by two, as couples, they leave the barn and, true to Audrey's theory, the roots begin to vanish. Looks like the crisis has been averted and the wedding will proceed as scheduled, uniting the two families forever.

Back at home, Duke and Evi talk about her offer to leave Haven behind and start over but Duke refuses. He says he's staying in Haven until he can figure out why his father's dying wish was for Duke to return—a mystery that Evi already knows about. Could Evi have returned just to find the thing that Duke is unwittingly searching for?

Audrey and Chris talk as well and, after clearing the air, it seems as if they've found a true connection with each other, much to Nathan's chagrin.