Audrey Parker's Day Off

Audrey Parker and Chris Brody are enjoying a pleasant morning on her day off.  Chris even has plans to keep Audrey busy all day, just as soon as they slip past Duke and volunteer for career day at a local school.  Once career day is over, however, Audrey gets a text and she runs off to investigate. At the scene Nathan stops her, telling her that a child died tragically after being struck by a car.

Before Audrey knows it, she's back in her bed being awakened by Chris all over again. All the same things happen again but she makes different choices this time, like paying her rent to Duke rather than slipping past him. Later, feeling the need to confide in someone, Audrey tells Nathan who theorizes that perhaps the child who died is reliving the day before her death.  Audrey rushes to the area she remembers from "yesterday" but nothing is amiss, that is until Duke gets hit by the same car and dies.

Immediately, the whole day starts over.  Happy to see Duke alive, Audrey has Chris stay with Duke at The Grey Gull in order to keep them both safe.  Now, she has to break the news to Nathan all over again.  Convinced, Nathan hatches a plan to try and find the hit and run driver by canvassing the area.  All seems fine, until the driver almost runs Nathan down this time and he dies in Audrey's arms.

When the day resets again, Audrey still has the wound she got trying to help Nathan.  Again, she sets Chris up to babysit Duke and rushes off to explain the situation to Nathan all over again.  This time, they impound cars and keep people off the street but that only delays the driver by a few minutes.  Audrey is about to be run down by the car when Chris pushes her out of the way and gets killed instantly.  While Audrey mourns, Hanson, a man who seems to have obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) says that it's his fault.

Later, it's a new day and Audrey is very happy to see Chris alive but she still won't tell him what's going on.  Once more, she asks him to keep Duke occupied and she rushes to the school where she first saw the man with OCD, who turns out to be a distraught father trying to see his daughter on his birthday. The two of them talk but he drives away before they finish.  After getting Nathan up to speed once more, the two of them decide to do things differently. Audrey finds the man with OCD, Hanson, and explains the situation to him.  Hanson is doubtful, but ultimately he tells Audrey where his daughter is so that Audrey can deliver the gift to his daughter that he can't.

Wanting to make sure that his daughter is both free and safe, Hanson steps in front of the car he knows is coming and lets himself be killed.  With Hanson dead, the days no longer reset and the rest of Haven is now free to move on—except for Audrey and Chris.  Audrey encourages Chris to accept a grant in London, putting their budding relationship on hold.