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It's Halloween in Haven! A teenage couple decides to venture into a dilapidated old house looking for a bit of adventure but they get much more than they bargained for when things in the house start moving on their own. Tina, the young girl, escapes without her boyfriend and finds Audrey, Duke and Dr. Callahan at a nearby costume party. They ask Tina to lead them back to the house and Nathan sends Tommy along for backup. When they get to the old house, they find Tina's boyfriend, Chad, has been murdered but by whom?  Distraught, Tina runs away.

At the police station, Jordan visits Nathan with good news: He's in with The Guard. Now, all he has to do is wait for his new cell phone to ring and, of course, take Jordan out for a drink. During the impromptu date, Nathan is conflicted about his feelings for Audrey and Jordan and, when Audrey calls him with an odd message, he uses the opportunity to leave the date and see if Audrey needs help.

When Nathan shows up, Audrey is shocked because she didn't call him. As soon as Nathan is inside, the door he came through vanishes trapping him with the others. As they explore they realize that the interior of the house is covered with mirrors and, when Audrey looks into one, she has a flashback of being inside that same house as Lucy Ripley.

When everyone hears a scream, they converge to find Tina impaled by a chandelier and Jordan standing beneath her. Turns out that Jordan followed Nathan and now she's trapped in the house as well. Jordan certainly isn't a welcome visitor but Nathan steps in and protects her.

Once Vince and Dave find out where Audrey is, they take action by calling Dwight and heading to Marsten Road to save the day. They know all about the "haunted" house, which is actually possessed by Roland Holloway and they plan to blow the front door to smithereens.  

Before they can do that, however, the spirit of Mr. Holloway confronts Audrey. He specifically led Audrey and her friends to the house so that he can make them kill each other while Audrey watches. He blames Audrey for not helping him back when she was Lucy Ripley and all Holloway wants is vengeance.

Audrey forces herself to have another flashback and learns that Lucy chose not to help Holloway, a choice she plans to uphold as Audrey. Based on Audrey's inside information, Nathan runs through the house shooting all the mirrors and intercoms, weakening Holloway and limiting what he can see and hear.  

As Holloway gets weaker and weaker the front door reappears and everyone bursts out just as Dwight is about to blow up the front door. Instead, they toss the bomb inside and blow the house up. Days later, however, it starts to rebuild itself.Later, Audrey finds the real name of the Colorado Kid and begins searching for him while Nathan finally gives in to his feelings for Jordan.