Magic Hour

Lizzy, a beautiful young girl lies dead while her parents wait and watch the clock. Just after dusk the girl miraculously comes back to life. The family’s happiness is short-lived, however. The next day Lizzy’s mother is run over and killed. 

Tommy interviews Dan, the dead woman’s husband, and discovers that he paid lots of money to bring his wife back to life. Worse, the car that killed Dan’s wife is registered to his business partner. Tommy and Nathan investigate and find Dan’s partner dead too—seems like the same hustle is being repeated. When Tommy and Nathan realize that the two families had the same housekeeper, they put the pieces together. It turns out that the housekeeper’s younger sister Noelle can bring people back to life. 

Audrey heads to Colorado with Duke for a two-day mission to track down James Cogan (The Colorado Kid). In Colorado, they discover a safe house for the Guard and also find James Cogan’s mother who seems to recognize Audrey as Sarah before her Alzheimer’s takes over. Later, overcome by the futility of her current path, Audrey kisses Duke before she thinks better of it. The next day, Audrey returns to visit James’ mother as a redhead and gets the shock of her life: The Colorado Kid is her son!

Jordan stops by the police station to tell Nathan that her friend Grady is friend is missing. Nathan thinks that Grady could be the Bolt Gun Killer so Jordan promises to bring Grady in herself with a little help from Dwight. Dwight and Jordan find the man who Grady was supposed to bring to safety with The Guard but he tells them that Grady never showed up—the police did instead. Later, Dwight and Jordan discover that Grady has been dead for weeks and Jordan suspects that someone in the Haven PD has gone rouge. 

After Jordan tells Nathan about her theory, Nathan accidentally discovers that Tommy’s GPS has been in the area of Grady’s murder. Nathan waits for his chance and after he and Tommy find Noelle holed up in a cabin, Nathan quickly opens Tommy’s trunk. Hidden in the recess of the trunk, Nathan finds a bolt gun!

Unfortunately, Tommy is standing right there when he looks up and after Nathan confronts him, Tommy shoots him in the chest.  In the ensuing chaos, Noelle makes a run for it while her older sister Moira watches from the safety of some nearby bushes.

Tommy turns and fires on Noelle but she keeps moving and before he can give chase, Duke and Audrey drive up—too late to do anything but cradle Nathan’s dead body while Tommy looks on.