Shot in the Dark

Racked with guilt, Nathan sits by Audrey's bedside hoping for her recovery while William lies unconscious but under surveillance in another hospital room. None of them can explain the mysterious physical connection between Audrey and William so all they can do is hope for William to recover and explain.

Across town, the Darkside Seekers, a two-man team of independent paranormal hunters, are searching the streets of Haven for anything odd when they overhear loud noises in a nearby home. They move to investigate and happen upon a dead woman with her heart eaten out. Scared but undeterred, the duo waits for the police to show up. Dwight notices the two outsiders and tries unsuccessfully to scare them off. In fact, they even have a name for the beast they think committed the heinous act: The Rougarou.

Later, Nathan, Duke and Dwight are all surprised that Audrey recovers without a scratch—as if she'd never been shot at all. The bad news, however, is that William recovers too and he escapes from the hospital. The next Rougarou victim is attacked right in front of Duke, Nathan and the

Darkside Seekers, Seth and Anderson, but none of them can save her. Strangely, even though the Dark Seekers captured the beast on camera, all that shows up later is static and the strange black goo that does William's bidding.

After looking for a commonality between the two victims, the team discovers that they share a birthday—the same birthday as Duke's new girlfriend, Jennifer. Fearing for Jennifer's safety, Duke rushes to find her at the offices of the Haven Herald but when then arrive they find that the whole office has already been trashed. Turns out that the Rougarou did indeed show up but Jennifer was able to escape and hide out in a warehouse.

When the team finally reaches her, Seth and Anderson (who have made a pact with Nathan to share information), discover that Jennifer has a strange connection to a book once owned by Audrey.

When the beast finally attacks, they all work together to fend it off but Jennifer ends up saving the day by grabbing the book just when the Rougarou is about to pounce. It seems like the animal was dispatched by William to recover the book, but why?

Once things calm down, Jennifer notices that she can see words and symbols in the book that no one else can see—not even Audrey. Perhaps Jennifer is the missing link needed to save the town from William.