Lost and Found

In what's left of The Barn, William tries to get Lexie (a.k.a. Audrey) to trust him enough complete the steps she needs to escape before it implodes completely, taking her with it.

Meanwhile, back in Haven, a missing 4-year-old girl named Harper puts Dwight, Nathan and the rest of the police department on high alert.  At first, Nathan and Dwight think that the missing child might be Troubled but when two more kids turn up missing they begin to suspect that it may be someone else in their immediate circle who has the Trouble.

Since they can't find the source of the yet, Dwight and Nathan set up a search through the nearby woods. In the process, Nathan meets Carmen Brock, the principal of Sunnyside Preschool, where two of the missing children attended school. Carmen begins the search with vigor but, later, when the trail of clues lead back to her abode, she's nowhere to be found. It turns out that she never came back from the search. When Nathan and Dwight break into the Brock home to find Carmen, they discover her husband Braer who is frantic about her disappearance.

Inside the Brock's home, the two cops discover a wealth of information about having a baby but no baby. It turns out that the Brock family has been trying to conceive for quite some time and recently heard the news that Carmen's sister just got pregnant accidentally. Nathan hypothesizes that it was this unexpected news that activated Carmen's trouble.

Dwight and Nathan enlist Braer's help and, even though he seems unusually defensive and angry they make some headway by asking him questions about his wife. Once they identify the location where they think she might be, they rush to the forest to find Carmen playing with the three missing children as well as four Douens (boy-like creatures with sharp claws and hypnotic powers). 

When Nathan and Dwight try to separate Carmen from the kids they are immediately attacked and wounded by the Douen. Nathan realizes that Braer was not attacked and surmises that the source of the Trouble must be Braer, not his wife Carmen.  It takes some convincing, but they ultimately get Braer to accept his role in his family's childlessness. Braer's guilt about his impotence is what activated his Trouble.  Once he confesses his true feelings the Douens perish and Nathan and Dwight are able to rush in to save the kidnapped boys from hypothermia.
As soon as he's finished, Nathan hurries to find Duke who has been trying to get Jennifer to relax all day.  When she's relaxed, Jennifer can more easily hear Lexie/Audrey's voice and what she's learned is that TWO doors need to be opened for Lexie/Audrey to escape: one in the barn and one in Haven.

Jennifer somehow knows that she is the one who has to open the door and she does, just in time for Lexie/Audrey to escape.  She is finally back in Haven!  But there are a few complications: First, Lexie has no idea who Audrey is—she has no memory of that life—and, second, The Guard has shown up to make sure she kills Nathan. Lexie refuses to kill Nathan, a man she doesn't know, which leaves everyone wondering if the Troubles will get dealt with at all.