After Duke buries his brother the reality of his loss sets in and he decides to leave Haven for good. All he needs is for local deep-sea diver Jack Driscoll to return his pump and for Jennifer to get her things off the boat. Unfortunately for Duke, fate has other plans and while he's walking around town he discovers a new Trouble: A force powerful enough to crush cars and people.

Nathan and Audrey are enjoying the opportunity to finally be intimate with each other, but they have to be very carful. If Vince and the rest of The Guard suspect that Audrey is Audrey then they'll force her to kill Nathan. So, to keep everyone off their scent, they keep up the ruse that Audrey is actually Lexie.

As Nathan and Audrey investigate the mysterious pressure in town they also discover that Vince and Dave have the bends and it's only Jack's decompression chamber that can save them.  Jennifer immediately suspects that Jack is the Troubled person but everyone waves her off since the Driscoll family has never had the Troubles.

As the pieces fall into place, it turns out that Jennifer is right. He and his brother have developed a Trouble: Whenever they feel stressed they create the pressure of being deep in the ocean all around them. All it takes to overcome is some deep breathing exercises but there is a new problem: Jack's brother is so alarmed by the damage around him, he can't calm down. Ultimately, Audrey has to walk out to him in a deep-sea diving suit and talk him down. In the process of saving the day, Nathan discovers that Duke no longer has his Trouble and Duke discovers that he really can't leave the town he loves to hate.

The question that remains is how the Driscoll family suddenly developed a Trouble. Turns out that Jack was attacked, just like Carrie, the newspaper delivery person Audrey helped recently.

With Vince's help, Jennifer makes a startling discovery: She's really from Haven and has deeper ties to the mysterious Agent Howard. Vince has narrowed the possibilities down to six local families. All Jennifer has to do is knock on the right person's door to find out who she really is and how she's connected to Haven.