Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - Cross-Pollination

Friday, March 6, 2015 - 11:29

Welcome back. Man, Helix just keeps topping itself with effed-up moments with every episode. Take a gander at the last episode's sickness …

Season 2, Episode 7: "Cross-Pollination"

  1. Sarah Unmothered
    So Sarah is no longer "in a family way." What's worse, the apparent abortion was done in the skankiest, dingiest area of the Abbey, as surgery rooms in these kinds of stories never seem to have the benefit of, you know, lights (remember Flatliners?). And what's even worse, it would appear that the father of the apparently aborted child did the deed: Alan, under the influence of Amy's brainwashing powder. Man, this sucks.

  2. Dad Goes Bad
    Sarah at least got to play surrogate mom later on with two young Abbeyites wandering the grounds and hiding from their crazed mycotic father. She taught the two tykes to find their courage in the face of one of their parents wanting to kill them in the most violent way possible, which is always a disturbing scenario (remember The Shining?). Poor crazy Dad ends up croaking from his infection, though the two moppets don't have too long to be traumatized, 'cause …

  3. The Thinning
    … they eventually die, too. In fact, almost everyone at the Abbey dies, due to Michael's decision that his current crop has gone bad and it's time for a "thinning." Michael tells everyone that the CDC has developed a cure for the virus, and they eagerly drink the liquid he gives them; it's actually poison that makes for a rather painful-looking death, and Michael looks smugly on as his followers cough, choke, retch and writhe. The episode ends with one of Sarah's wards gulping down the stuff, though we're spared an image of him succumbing to its lethal effects. Sheesh.

Next week: We get it on again!