Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - O Brave New World

Sunday, April 12, 2015 - 15:27

And so the second season of Helix goes out not with a bang but a "WTF?" And, really, we wouldn't have it any other way. See below.

Season Two, Episode 13: "O Brave New World"

  1. Attack of the Vessels
    This is probably insensitive of us to say, but we find the poor toothless mothers in Season Two to be even more terrifying than those infected with Narvik in Season One. Being bound, force-fed and force-impregnated apparently makes you bonkers (to say the least), but at least you can still appeal to the maternal instincts of these ladies to get them to, you know, chill for a minute or two. Whew.

  2. Good Night, Amy
    Honestly, a life of horrendous disfigurement would've been punishment enough for our favorite villain of the season, but the writers of Helix felt that Sister Amy still had some more justice coming to her. Amy's plan to unleash the fury of the Vessels upon Julia and Sarah backfired on her big time as the ladies finally took their revenge against one of their main tormentors. We last see Amy abandoned by Landry and with her teeth being pulled out … we have a feeling the Vessels are just getting started.

  3. Baby Farm 2.0
    Oof, the year 2029 is gonna be a trip. Helix Season 2 ends on a doozy of a cliffhanger as we see that Sarah has indeed accepted Julia's job offer and is now in charge of Ilaria's ultra-high-tech remix of Michael's sicko baby farm. It would seem that Ilaria calls the shots on who can get pregnant and who can't, and the "Cans" spend their nine months in isolation pods — of which there are, like, thousands. It's like Coma meets Lululemon. Did Sarah really sell her soul … or, like Julia, is she now trying to stop Ilaria from the inside out? Freaky deaky.

Thanks for joining us! And, dear lord, watch out for them viruses.