Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - Oubliette

Friday, February 20, 2015 - 10:54

Welcome back. In the latest episode, Helix throws us into a deep, dark, effed-up pit … or oubliette, if you're French. Or just like to say cool words like "oubliette."

Season 2, Episode 5: "Oubliette"

  1. Not the Bees!
    Dr. Kyle is quickly becoming the show's human punching bag. First, he got stoned (stoned!) by the Abbey's pint-sized residents, and now he's being chased by a bunch of infected crazies (or "mycotics," as the term is coined in this episode) through the Abbey's orchard. Luckily, a bunch of bees came swarming to the rescue, enveloping Kyle's attacker with their stingy buzzing rage. This is, of course, all set to some cheesy chase score that you might hear on an old '70s-era action hour. Awesome.

  2. Good Boy, Landry
    Landry is a good boy. Landry got the infected honey for Amy. This makes Amy happy. And, in return, Amy makes Landry happy.

    Ugh. No matter how many times we see these two get, uh, intimate, it's never any easier to swallow. (Sorry.)

  3. Good Night, Agnes
    So Michael is an Immortal, which we kind of saw that coming. What we didn't see coming was Michael suddenly snapping Agnes' neck upon her discovering that Sarah is an Immortal as well. This had her asking too many questions — and inquiring why Michael has lied all these years, claiming there was no other like him — and, well, Michael figured it was time for her path to come to an end. We're actually kind of sad to see Agnes go — we were digging her grandma-ish bonding with Sarah (whose baby survived that stabbing at the end of last week's episode, thank goodness), even though she was, you know, drugging her and all.

Next Week: Ready to learn the fancy term for 'apple'?