Helix: The Three Most Effed-Up Moments - Scion

Friday, February 6, 2015 - 10:28

Welcome back. Boy, this episode just ran the full spectrum of effed-ness … and perhaps even beyond.

Season 2, Episode 3: "Scion"

  1. Give Him a Hand
    Amy has a definite hold on Landry. Like, literally. The very first scene of the episode finds the Abbey's thuggish enforcer enjoying genital stimulation via Amy's lovely mitts. She's getting him to reveal his findings about the CDC team and do her diabolical bidding via sexual favors, though her cold, clinical approach is best represented by her wearing plastic surgical gloves. Hey, Landry doesn't seem to mind getting a 'safe' French handshake.

  2. Stone the Doc!
    One of the horrible things Amy gets Landry to do is brainwash the Abbey children and instruct them to throw rocks at poor Dr. Kyle. This creepy Village of the Damned-ish sequence is made all the more unsettling by The Brady Bunch's "Sunshine Day" playing on the soundtrack. Later, the kids have no memory of their awful deed, and while they're really not responsible for their actions, a bruised but intact Kyle can't help but look like he wants to smack them all across their young mugs in retaliation. Also, wouldn't it be amazing if Cindy Brady was one of these children.

  3. Family Dinner From Hell
    This episode is close to our hearts for bringing back one of our favorite characters from Season One: Hatake! He's now living in an isolated cabin in the woods, sporting hair extensions and hallucinating conversations with his late adopted son, Daniel, and late lover, Jaye. Julia ends up being reunited with dear old Dad and, after gulping down some drugged tea, finds herself as the guest of honor at the family dinner table … complete with the corpses of her mother and adopted brother. Remember, Daniel's head 'sploded last season … yeesh.

Next Week: More madness, and more Hatake!