Day 8

A vector scampers through the heating vents, spying on Sarah, Jules, and Alan eating ... and Jules is eating, raving that she's never felt so good. Sarah points out maybe the virus is in a latent stage, and we thought Alan saw the silver eyes last week, but Jules has them convinced she's right as rain (and even pulls their legs by pretending to choke). She's going to run tests on herself, but Alan says no: if the others get wind of her recovery, they'll think there's a cure, and storm the lab.

Jules shares that Hatake warned her about Sutton, but Alan doesn't have time to wonder why Hatake rescued Jules without telling him: a contamination alarm sounds. A vector has attacked the food supply; Alan orders Aerov to take everything out of the room in biohazard containers and hose the whole shebang down with bleach. He asks where Hatake hides the emergency rations. Aerov grunts, "Ask him yourself," and glares.

Sarah takes blood from Jules, who admits she's suffering from severe light sensitivity. Sarah spots the contacts; swearing Sarah to secrecy, Jules removes them to reveal her silver eyes.

Sutton leafs through Hatake's creepy scrapbook. A stormtrooper reports that the food supply is contaminated, but the situation is under control vector-wise; Sutton muses that maybe "under control" isn't where the CDC does its best work, and orders the vectors be allowed to "run free." After wondering aloud why she can't find the "value" that Hatake sees in Jules, she hands the stormtrooper her boots to shine.

Anana's dressed in scrubs to blend in, and she and Aerov plot to get at the truth about the vanishing of his "playmates" while Alan visits Hatake in detention. Hatake claims he did nothing to Jules but warns that, as the only person to have survived the virus, she's in danger. Sure enough, before Alan can get to her, Sutton comes to her cubicle and yanks her into the light to admire her silver eyes.

When Alan does arrive, he's not allowed to see Jules; Sutton emerges to inform him that Jules "is now the property of the Ilaria Corporation" and order him back to the lab under guard.

Anana tends Balleseros's wound while he and Aerov snipe at each other. Balleseros says they should run while they can, and adds that the story he told from his childhood did happen -- but he was the stealer, not the stolen. Anana storms out.

Hatake again denies that Jules is "one of us." Sutton wonders if he's barking up the wrong tree of the "Willis hypothesis" again, and shows him some torture tools, assuring him she'll find out what he did -- by torturing Jules.

After Alan says Jules is being held, Sarah shares Jules's lab results: basically, nothing. Her blood and tissue haven't changed since before the virus. Alan is incredulous, but Sarah ran the tests three times, so then he says he's breaking Jules out, and his supplies list is straight out of The Anarchist's Cookbook.

A bored Jules paces her room, then discovers she can get out via the vents -- and she does just that as Sutton also paces, giving Hatake a guilt trip before summoning Jules. Of course, she's informed that Jules has escaped (Hatake smirks), and she's not happy, but takes the opportunity to question Hatake about his attachment to Jules: is he in love with her? Why is she so precious to Hatake? He mouths off, and she holds a curved knife to his throat; she'd really like to kill him. "What's stopping you?" he sighs.

Jules crawls along the ducts, and is overtaken by two vectors ... who apparently can't detect her. She's sniffed, then left alone.

As Alan manipulates a stormtrooper into getting him supplies, Balleseros uses a stitching needle to unlock his cuffs, and Anana tries to convince Aerov to come with her, but he won't leave a mess he "helped create." She hugs him sadly and reminds him he has a family. He watches her troop away in the snow. Sad violins are sad.

Jules finds herself in a vent just above the lab. The three of them try to talk without alerting the stormtroopers; Alan needs her to free Hatake, so he can "retake" the base when Alan and Sarah kill Sutton. She'll try. Sarah's ready, so Alan tells the stormtroopers to call Sutton to review the cure ...

 ... and it takes some convincing for her to look into the microscope where the bomb is rigged, but she finally agrees, only for a stormtrooper to tackle her out of harm's way just as the scope explodes. The confusion lets Alan and Sarah bolt, though; they're regrouping in an exam room when Sutton's voice comes over the PA: Alan's to report to isolation ASAP or she'll pull the plug on Peter. Then Sutton complains the blast ripped her vintage Dior.

Sarah tells Alan he can't go; they'll just kill Peter anyway. Smart girl -- mostly because she realizes they're in a sound lab, with a sound "cannon" cops use for crowd control. This one has precision targeting, and Sarah knows how to use it.

Jules finds Hatake, who wants her to stay there while he goes to help Alan. She wants to know why everyone keeps saying she's so important, but she unties Hatake, though she refuses to stay behind without answers. He compliments her on her persistence but jabs her with a hypodermic.

Anana finds Balleseros hotwiring the snowmobile. She pulls a pistol on him, but he says she won't shoot her, and she shouldn't have trusted him. They brawl -- and he wins, but when stormtroopers draw down on them, Balleseros lets Anana escape, and surrenders himself.

Jules comes to and finds a torn photo on her chest -- of herself as a little girl, and Hatake. Stormtroopers appear and cuff her as Alan submits to a corporate-speak lecture from Sutton about how she has to let him go. She yanks the connector on Peter and orders the guard to "wait 'til his brother's dead, then shoot him." Sarah's sound gun knocks out the stormtroopers, but Sutton clocks Alan with her real gun and fluid is leaking from Peter's apparatus. The power goes out. A pair of vectors grab Peter and abscond with him as Hatake drags Alan away and Sutton yells at her team.

As Hatake is discovering that Jules is gone again, Aerov reports to Sutton that vectors messed up the power grid. A stormtrooper also reports in: the "cargo" (i.e., Jules) is ready for transport. Sutton wants to leave in an hour, and makes sure she and Aerov are on the same page about protecting the research, though she's not happy Anana left the base. Aerov glares ...

 ... then reports to Hatake and the others. Hatake says they'll never see Jules again if Ilaria makes off with her, and they should go find her: "Leave Sutton to me."

Jules, muzzled and screaming, is nailed into a wooden transport pallet. Sutton smiles approvingly, and she's packing her things when Hatake comes in. She's touched that he still wears the watch she gave him, and gets emotional: "We could have changed the world." But he broke the vow they made (it's unclear who else she might mean by "we") and ruined his future for the "abomination" in the old photograph we saw before. Sutton confirms that Jules is Hatake's daughter, but still doesn't explain what the Willis hypothesis is, and is about to knife him when he disarms her, pulls a garrot from the watch, and chokes her to death.

Alan and Sarah break Jules out of her shipping container as Hatake announces over the intercom that Ilaria is no longer controlling the base. 

Jules tells Alan she's upset that she has no antibodies that could cure others, and wonders what happens when "the next Sutton" comes along. She doesn't recognize herself.

Outside, Aerov tells Hatake he can't forgive him (and glares). Hatake hopes someday Aerov will understand. Aerov insists Hatake use his Inuit name; Hatake doesn't respond, just puts Sutton's cryogenically preserved head on a platform and sends it down into the ice to keep Dr. Hvit company. Yikes.