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As if the people on Killigan's Island didn't have enough problems, now apparently we can add killer bees to the list. Brother Travis gets stung in the orchard, and the next morning, he's jealous of the lady who comes to check on him because she Did It with another man. When the lady is a condescending cultist about the life inside her belonging "to all of us," Travis and his goulash face lose it and attack her, striping the walls with blood.

Peter's on the roof, checking a text on a sat phone that must once have belonged to Dwight Eisenhower. The text informs Peter that "this changes nothing" and his "orders remain." Peter pro-texts that he knows Alan's up to something and thinks they should abort; his mysterious contact tells him to find out what Alan's doing and report back. You mean besides visiting Dreamland after his brother cracked his noggin with a crowbar?

Thirty years in the future, Hatake is still delusional about Jaye and Aerov's … situation. Jules can't get through to him. Peter's barely getting through to Alan, either, lying as Alan comes to that he found him lying in a field. He'd like to just leave Alan there, but he needs medical attention. Alan reluctantly assents as, back at the abbey, Kyle examines his Children of the Genetically Modified Corn wounds.

Michael invites himself in to "apologize" for the kids' attacking him, and blames the pathogen. Kyle isn't having it, saying the children were asymptomatic; he thinks Michael brainwashed them into doing his bidding. "I know what you are," he grits. "Oh, really," Michael says, dropping the fake smile. "What am I?"

Before Kyle can answer, or wet himself, Sarah tells him it's time to get back to work. Then Michael asks if he and Sarah have met before. "No," she eye-rolls, "I'd remember." Burn!

In the hallway, Sarah and Kyle review where they are with containment -- in short: screwed -- and Kyle theorizes that the fungal toxin causing the outbreak is in the food supply, which will take weeks to test, weeks they don't have. They need to find Soren and figure out the deal with his immunity -- although the community's casual approach to looking for the kid seems to mean they don't want the CDCers to find him.

The culters have found Travis, though, dead in the orchard with a mouthful of infected goulash. Olivia, Soren's mom, shoots Sarah an opaque look before rushing off; Sarah rushes after her as Landry gives them both the stink-eye, asking if Olivia's seen Soren. Olivia brushes her off with some on-his-own-path Michael-speak.

Hatake comes down to the dock where he's parked Jules with a homemade breakfast. She's suspicious, but he assures her he hasn't drugged it. Eyeing the sad heart-shaped pancake fail on the plate, Jules switches tacts and pretends to go along with Hatake's delusions, wondering about the song Hatake was humming the day before. He sang it to her when she was scared as a child, he says, and mentions a "therapy" that will help with her illness. 

Hatake brings her inside to show her a surprise, which Jules pretends to look forward to while asking about the therapy. It will help her "join the family," he tells her, wheeling her into the dark basement. The lights go up and Jules sees some ancient equipment arrayed around her. "Join them how?" she asks. "We saved a place at the table just for you," Hatake creepies. Jules freaks.

A frazzled Michael gathers everyone in the abbey caf and promises transparency and communication about "the recent tragedies." Asked to give Michael "his truth," Brother Carson runs down the list of attacks and demises, and is told only to continue the harvest and not give in to fear. Olivia wants to know why they should trust the CDCers. Michael's non-answer this time is about the scientists' paths, and helping them, or something -- but in private he reams Anne, Amy, and Grumpy Grandma for not protecting Misha, the woman Travis killed. Anne's like, the harvest is big, everything will go back to normal, but Michael strokes each of their faces creepily, then puts his hands threateningly around Anne's neck again as he murmurs that he's trusting his "three best girls" to eliminate the uncertainty in their midst "discreetly." Given the glare Amy's shooting at her mom Anne, that's sure to go just swell! Michael adds that they don't need any more pictures on the Wall O' Dead Matriarchs just yet.

In the botany lab, Anne and Amy have a blamey argument that's interrupted by Grumpy Grandma (whose name is Agnes, FYI, but we like GG better) slapping Amy across the face. She tells Amy she knows about her "games," and that Anne needs to nad up and stop begging for respect. Eyes on the prize, GG says, then refers opaquely to not letting anything happen "to Mother" before gathering the other two in a hug.

Alan bemoans the dated lab equipment while Peter stitches up his head and digs for info. Why did Alan disappear? What's he doing there? Alan repeats that it's personal and urges Peter to take the others and leave. Not until "this thing" is contained, Peter says, while elsewhere, Kyle and Sarah autopsy Travis. Sarah is sure Olivia knows something. Kyle discovers the bee's stinger, so now they have an insect vector to worry about.

Jules is strapped to a lab table, frantically throwing out reasons Hatake shouldn't do … whatever he's about to do. She points out that Aerov will get jealous of her rejoining the group; on cue, Aerov comes in to complain about Hatake bailing on their fishing trip. And also to glare.

Jules strains to see who Hatake is talking to, but of course there's nobody there. But seeing an opportunity, she suggests Hatake go ahead; she's not going anywhere thanks to the restraints. Incredibly, Hatake's like, why not. Aerov is delighted. He and Hatake sprint to the top of the "twisted father/son bonding" leaderboard while The Andy Griffith Show's theme plays merrily and Jules struggles to free herself, in vain.

Sarah and Kyle return to find Alan at the lab. It's awkward. Alan's about to peace out when Sarah piques his interest with a mention of Soren getting better. He surveys the data so far -- including the portmanteau word Kyle invented to describe the fungal psychosis, "mycotic" -- and makes note of Soren, Isaac and Travis's elevated sugar levels, which doesn't jibe with the restricted abbey diet. Sarah and Kyle head off to investigate any contraband candy; Alan stomps off.

Peter follows, snarking at him about finding Julia, and Alan reveals that he did find Jules -- leading Ilaria, not as their prisoner. Peter doesn't think that, or Ilaria's potential interest in the abbey, makes any sense, and Alan's like, immortality doesn't make sense either, and the Immortals "are the real plague." Peter wonders if Alan's "plan" is to kill them all, including Sarah, but Alan declines to explain further, adding that it's preeeeetty coincidental that, on a 200-acre compound, Peter just happened to find him. Peter's mad.

Sarah fails to get Olivia to admit that Soren or anyone else ever sneaks sweets. (Sarah also likes Red Vines, blech.) Olivia continues to balk at helping find Soren before he's ready to come home on his own.

Peter calls his contact -- Balleseros! Remember him? -- to say that Alan suspects something. Like that Peter's not very stealthy, as Alan is hiding behind a skylight to eavesdrop. Peter needs to know the larger plan. Cut to Ilaria HQ in Paris, where Balleseros tells him they can deal with Alan: "Now, here's what you need to do."

While Kyle conducts his in-bee-stigation in the orchard, Sarah's going through people's things in the dorms. She finds the stuffed bear Olivia claimed Soren took with him.

Jules struggles to reach a syringe she managed to tip onto the gurney. Hatake returns and is "disappointed" that she tried to escape; Jules guilt-trips him by saying he sang the don't-be-scared song when he and Jaye used to fight about Jules. That doesn't work, so she screams that Jaye and Aerov are dead and Hatake's about to kill her too. He points out she's an Immortal and ignores her begging, plunging a needle into her neck. She hums desperately. A milky fluid comes through the tubing while Hatake hums also; he removes the needle, apparently before the fluid arrives in Jules. She asks to hug "Daddy"; Hatake falls for it, and gets a syringe to the back.

Jules grabs her backpack and Hatake's hatchet and runs for it. He staggers after her, stopping to pick up a samurai sword (!).

Kyle finds mycotoxin in the honey, which would explain both the sugar levels and the disease vector. Peter gives him guff for almost getting stung, though Kyle claims the bees aren't carriers.

Jules can't find a good tree to hide behind in the woods, so soon Hatake sets upon her. They fight. It's an even match-up for awhile, though Hatake breaks her axe handle and wounds her in the back. Hatake is almost laughing when she wrenches his shoulder. At last, he flips Jules, but before he can deliver the killing blow (we guess? What exactly are the rules with this whole Immortal thing?), he sees Jaye shaking her head at him a few trees away, allowing Jules to bury her hatchet in Hatake's gut.

Dying, Hatake hands Jules the sword. Jules asks what the writing on the blade means. "Densho," Hatake gasps ("to pass on to the next generation"). "I should never have made you like me." He's sorry. Jules limps away without a word.

Bleeding, Hatake returns to the cabin. Jaye and Aerov "comfort" him, meaning he holds the hands of their corpses while his blood pools on the floor.

Sarah confronts Olivia with Soren's bear and claims Michael is lying to her, to everyone. Olivia quavers for a moment, then calls Sarah the liar, blames her and the other CDC peeps for the outbreak, and guts Sarah with a paring knife. Sarah bleeds all over the floor gasping about her "baby" as Jules, faint from blood loss, lies down in the woods and hums Hatake's song.

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