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Wizard World New Orleans - Part 2
Season 1 - Episode 12
Wizard World New Orleans - Part 2

Day 2 of the Wizard World costume competition in New Orleans: the group-skit portion of the contest. Team Atlanta is just arriving at the hotel. Katie complains that she's had to bring the one thing she hates toting along to conventions: a sewing machine; she's basically starting from scratch with her Sophitia costume from Soulcalibur. Riki has a "hula hoop of death" to finish for her own costume, and Indra has a couple small things to do, but mostly they'll have to focus on helping Katie.

The three of them get to work as Katie interviews that she doesn't like to be the one in the group who lets everyone down. Indra implies without actually saying so that Katie should perhaps spend less time talking about how they have to compete without her if she doesn't get done, and more time…getting done. Or maybe we're projecting.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Yaya is still feeling the effects of barely finishing yesterday's judging costume -- and she's pulled an all-nighter trying to complete Enira the Banshee Queen. Brian's worried that she's too tired to walk in the stilts the Enira costume requires; Yaya's just all over the place trying to create all the cool character elements she loves in time for the contest.

Everyone's working hard in the Peter Pan's Labyrinth mash-up suite but their props and skit aren't done.

Yaya notes that she's never gone this down to the wire with a costume as Brian gets the stilts set up. She has no idea what she's going to do onstage and says she doesn't "have the brain capacity" to think of something; she just wants to put on the dress. Brian looks concerned.

In the Soulcalibur room, Riki proposes looking at videos of their characters and doing a walk-on instead of a skit. Indra doesn't think that's going to cut it, but says nothing, as Katie estimates that she has three hours of work left to do…just on a belt. Riki interviews that they're a group, and they'll have to pull together.

Miguel and Carl, freed from worrying about their costumes, head out for a drink and some shop talk. Miguel thinks Carl should have won something for his entry. Carl talks about getting bullied in school, but how he got over it and got into sports. Then they discuss the girls; Carl thinks they've got fabrication down, but wants to see what they do in the skit department. The two agree to team up for a future contest.

Jessica wants to rehearse their skit -- outside, when it's raining, and she's getting into Peter Pan character by climbing a tree. Chloe's over it, so they focus on syncing up the music cues Holly is playing on her phone.

Brian laces Yaya into her Enira costume and compliments his tuckered-out fiancée on her hard work. He doesn't think she can fit out the door in the stilts, but she insists on putting the whole thing on in the room, the better to fix anything that might go wrong…and something does before she even puts on the waist plate. Yaya's forced to cut off the rope spiderwebs because she doesn't have time to untangle them -- but she does get everything on, and emerges on the con floor little the worse for wear. Well, so far.

Team L.A. fine-tunes their costumes. During makeup time, Holly struggles with creepy Captain Hook contact lenses that feel "like putting bees in" her eyes, and Chloe's not sure they're safe, but in spite of Jessica's advising Holly to take them out -- and a previous emergency-room trip thanks to costume contacts -- Holly's gutting it out for now. Jessica sews snaps and issues a 15-minute warning. Then it's go time.

With an hour left, Katie is still rushing to complete a costume from which she's stripped a ton of detail in order to get done. Riki's wishing she had more makeup experience, but she's psyched when she dons her costume for the first time. She's less psyched about what she calls "the phenomenon of Katie Time," the concept she mutters to Indra while she's sewing Indra into her costume and Katie is spilling cosmetics everywhere. Indra's frustrated by the foot-dragging, and though Riki isn't happy, the two of them have to leave to sign up while Katie does her best to pull the rest of her outfit together.

Brian's getting Yaya ready to go backstage; she's giving him instructions on underskirts when the MC goes ahead and introduces her -- and she's not ready. "Cut the music," she screeches, explaining in an interview that there are timed cues that give away the character. Oh, and she needs four people to flank her entrance (two to hold her hands, two to lift her skirts) because the stage has stairs leading up to it, and she can't mount them by herself. The cue restarts, she nearly falls, Brian catches her, and she goes into her routine, which is mostly arm-waving from what we can tell. In the crowd, Jesse pulls "whatever" faces but says in VO that Yaya's rig is "pretty bad-ass." Which is it, bro? In the wings, Brian's double thumbs-up thinks it's the latter.

Riki and Indra line up, still unsure if Katie's going to make it. Other groups go ahead of them and the line inches ever closer to the stage as, upstairs, Katie is gearing up in the room. Dudes dressed as the Powerpuff Girls work the crowd as Riki cobbles together a Plan B if Katie doesn't show.

Further back in line, Team L.A. makes more last-minute changes to their skit -- which includes an entire bed, and blue fabric meant to indicate water. Chloe's nervous that, if the skit doesn't come off, nobody will know who they're supposed to be; she adds that the competition is "seriously stiff."

Behold: Katie! Indra's thrilled they can go on as a complete group…but still anxious that they don't have a proper skit, although Riki's handling of that giant weapon ring is impressive to our untrained eyes. The crowd loves it, Jesse loves it, and the judges seem to love it too.

In the wings, Chloe is still editing their blocking, Holly's concerned that she won't remember what she's supposed to do…and they're the last group. Pressure!

But their skit goes very well. Carl is blown away by the costumes and the performance, and as the crowd goes nuts, Katie stares in open-mouthed wonder. Aw. Indra is inspired by Team L.A., and a judge says he'd watch "an entire play" based on their skit. Chloe is stunned and relieved.

In deliberations, the judges would have liked to see more from the Soulcalibur group skit-wise, but they're very impressed with Peter Pan's Labyrinth and how elaborate they got with their playlet. In the end, they create a third category in addition to the Best Skit and Best In Show categories -- an honorable mention, which is won by Team Atlanta! Inara is very surprised and proud.

Best Skit, surprisingly, does not go to Team Los Angeles -- but their Best In Show win prrrrobably eases the pain somewhat. They're overcome with joy, and Indra is happy for them, too. Yaya praises them for thinking everything through.

Then it's time to celebrate. The Heroes walk the streets of New Orleans in their costumes, drink cocktails, and throw beads. Yaya compliments everyone for coming so far in their cosplaying, and Team L.A. gets a little misty as everyone raves about their performance. Our caped crusaders talk about how much they've meant to each other as we see a montage of their costumes from the season -- and after a toast to cosplay, we're out.

See you next season!

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