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A Borg In The Basement
Season 1 - Episode 124
A Borg In The Basement
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It's investigation time at Profiles in History when Joe gets a call from Rene Reyes at the Paley Center for media. Rene came across a room full of crates, and he has no idea what's in them – could be mannequins and display cases, or there could be something wonderful that will garner some much needed income for the Paley Center.

Joe and Tracey open box after box of detritus, and are starting to lose steam when Tracey gasps – she found a whole box full of character heads, probably the displays that the original makeup artists used to preserve their character looks. Not long after that, Joe finds the matching costumes, making all of the character heads exponentially more valuable.

Tracey's other project this week is to find the perfect birthday present for Joe. But what do you buy for a man who buys and sells for a living? She, Jon and Jesse go to Off the Wall antiques and ask the staff if they have anything really special. Nothing in the store really pops, so they head to the warehouse. Thinking that they might find something good for consignment, they call Joe and ask him to join them, but are bummed when they find out that Joe has been a regular visitor to the Off the Wall warehouse for years! At least they have one consolation – they find a cool model of the Nautilus from Captain Nemo and the Underwater City. This could be a great lead for their auction.

But they don't give up on the birthday front. The next day, the team assembles to surprise Joe – they found one of Twiki's costumes from Buck Rogers and the 25th Century, and invited Felix Silla, the actor who played Twiki, to come have a chat with them. Joe is thrilled and grateful at this special gift.

The model submarine opens the auction and sells for $14,000, well over its estimated price. But next comes a shocker: the Jennifer "Kes" costume has no takers. A pass is always disappointing, but the next lot, a Deep Space 9 costume, goes for double its estimate, and the rest of the costumes fly away to avid fans. The Paley Center just accrued a bundle of funds to help preserve the history of TV and radio – history that Joe and his team fondly love.

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