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Let The Bidding Begin
Season 1 - Episode 101
Let The Bidding Begin
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The Treasures: In the premiere episode, Joe Maddalena and his team of Hollywood-artifact-finders are scrambling to find items for their next auction, which is only ten days away. Luckily, they get a tip about one of the mechanical sharks used in Jaws and a call from a Chicago family about a possible suitcase from Mary Poppins that the family won in a raffle. Well aware that such finds could mean huge dividends for his 25 year-old auction house, Joe goes to investigate.

The Hunt: First, Joe and Brian visit the junkyard where the Jaws shark is perched in a tree but, unfortunately, the junkyard owner refuses to let Joe auction off his shark. Next, since there are two items from Lost In Space going up for auction, Joe meets with John Azarian, a huge Lost In Space collector. Finally, Joe flies to Chicago to track down the Mary Poppins suitcase. While he's there, the office gets a call from a Detroit-based artist who wants his Batman costume appraised and Joe goes to visit him as well. After Joe takes a spin in the artist's Batmobile, it's time to authenticate the Mary Poppins carpetbag and get ready for the auction.

The Sale: Once the auction begins, it's clear that John Azarian plans to add another piece of Lost In Space memorabilia to his collection. He gets outbid on a Lost In Space rifle, which sells for $70,000, but he is able to buy a Lost In Space spacepod for $85,000. The last item for sale is the Mary Poppins bag that the owner's family actually used as luggage before Joe came to collect it. Joe estimated a $10,000 sale but it actually went for much more--$95,000. It's a windfall for the family and another job well done for Joe and the Hollywood Treasure Hunters.

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