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I'll Get You My Pretty
Season 1 - Episode 102
I'll Get You My Pretty
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The Treasures: Joe Maddalena and his team have only ten days until their next auction. Thankfully, a friend calls claiming to have what might be the suit jacket worn by the lead actor in White Zombie, a 1932 horror film. Meanwhile, Tracy calls around Hollywood looking for 1960's TV stars who might be willing to sell any of their memorabilia on consignment. Over on Sony's movie lot, Joe is able to secure his first consignment item from the company, a 9-foot-long spaceship model that was used in Starship Troopers. Back at the office, Brian calls an Ohio woman who owns the wicked witch hat from The Wizard of Oz to ask if she's ready to sell.

The Hunt: The owner of the witch hat says she's not ready to sell but Joe decides to visit her anyway, just in case. They have a pleasant chat but he's not sure she'll consign it to him right up until the very last emotional moment. Back in LA, Tracy is coming up empty with the 1960s era TV stars, so Brian suggests the actress who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. While Tracy makes an appointment for Joe to meet with her, Jon consults with a local film historian to ascertain the authenticity of the White Zombie jacket and finds out that it is indeed real.

The Sale: Now that the White Zombie jacket has been authenticated, the team expects it to do well, and it does, selling for $100,000. Next up, is the Starship Troopers ship. After a bit of bidding, it's bought for $30,000, a figure he hopes the Sony brass will be happy with. The last item on the auction block is the witch's hat from The Wizard of Oz, a gem for any collector. It goes for $200,000, an amount the previous owner says will help with her separation anxiety from the hat. Auction complete, it's on to the next adventure for Joe and his team.

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