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Comic Con Quest
Season 1 - Episode 103
Comic Con Quest
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The Items: Joe's next auction is 15 days away. The plan? Descend on Comic-Con, the world's largest comic book convention, and troll for merchandise. Also on Joe's radar is a puppet used in the movie Corpse Bride. After Joe and Jon scour the aisles of Comic-Con in San Diego, they hit pay dirt: aging original artwork by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, which Joe thinks he can sell for a fortune if he can authenticate it. They also meet Erin Gray an actress from Buck Rogers who claims to have a model starship left over from the show. Next up, is a trip to Chicago to meet a huge Bruce Lee collector and see what he has to auction off.

The Hunt: Lucky for Joe, Stan Lee is at Comic-Con and is blown away by what Joe has to show him. The artwork is instantly authenticated. Meanwhile, Tracey is having trouble reaching the anonymous consigner who promised the Corpse Bride puppet but promises to bring it in. In Chicago, Joe's Bruce Lee collector produces the hat that Bruce Lee wore as "Kato" in the 1966 TV series, The Green Hornet. As an added bonus, Joe finds that the collector also owns "Wilson," the soccer ball that was Tom Hanks best friend in Cast Away— a treasure Joe promises to return for. Back at the office, a new twist develops. The owner of the Stan Lee artwork wants to sell to a private buyer not at auction. Meanwhile, a trip to HMS Props proves disappointing for Erin Gray's model spaceship so Joe has to scramble to find a new item to sell. Fortunately, Brian has a line on a prop head from Alien.

The Sale: It's auction day. With in-person, call-in, and online bidder Joe expects there to be about 1,200 people participating in the auction. First up is the puppet from Corpse Bride and it quickly sells for $27,500 ($2,500 more than Joe estimated it would bring). Next up is the Alien head costume from Alien. It sells for $60,000, which was the high estimate Joe gave its owner. Finally, the last item for sale is Bruce Lee's "Kato" hat, which the owner is selling to help pay for his daughter's education. Joe estimated it would sell for $10,000 to $20,000. The take? $27,500. Quite a donation to the college fund.

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