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Joe Goes Ape
Season 1 - Episode 104
Joe Goes Ape
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The Items: What is the world's most valuable movie poster? Joe thinks it's the Frankenstein piece owned by a New York collector— a treasure he thinks he can sell for one million dollars. Jon is setting up a meet with film historian Mark Wannemaker who may have some leads. Tracey has been talking to a flight attendant who has an item from Stargate. Brian has located photographs from the 1933 iconic film, King Kong.

The Hunt: In New York, Joe and Jon meet with Stephen Fishler, the CEO of Metropolis Comics and the owner of the huge Frankenstein poster. After learning the story of how the poster came to be in Fishler's possession, Joe is forced to settle with Fishler's promise to call Joe first if he ever wants to sell it. Back in LA, Tracey gets the costume head from Stargate. Now she just has to make sure it's real. All that's left is for Joe to meet with Joan Knox, who unwittingly inherited the King Kong photos from her father. Joe quickly determines that they are priceless but sets his sights at $50,000 for an estimated sale. Remarkably, Jon's meeting with Wannamaker produces a serendipitous lead—an airplane from King Kong that the owner wants sold as part of a whole collection. Tracey is still struggling to authenticate the Jaffa costume head from Stargate and Joe, as usual, is losing patience with her. Finally, she contacts Christopher Judge, the actor who played a Jaffa on the Stargate TV series, who quickly identifies it as his own.

The Sale: The time has come to see what the market will bear. The first items on the auction block are the King Kongphotos that Joan Knox inherited. Joan is disappointed when the first picture only sells for $2,000 but the next picture sells for $11,000 and it gets better from there. The total take is an incredible $65,000. Next is Christopher Judge's Jaffa costume head. Joe estimated it would sell for $14,000 to $20,000. The take? Right on the nose at $14,000. The last item for today's auction is the model airplane used in King Kong along with some artwork from that same film. The collection sell for $190,000— a sum Joe is very pleased with.

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