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London Calling
Season 1 - Episode 105
London Calling
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The Items: Remember that classic car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Joe Maddalena certainly does and when Brian tells him that the actual car from the original movie may be available in England, he's ready to book a flight. While there, Joe also intends to check out a tricycle used in the movie The Omen. Also on tap is a visit to Wested Leather Co., where the proprietor has been making leather costume for film and TV for years and is finally ready to cash in on his craftsmanship.

The Hunt: Joe, Brian, and Tracey head to Europe where their first stop is the home of Harvey Stevens, an actor who starred in The Omen as a satanic child. Stevens still owns the tricycle he rode in a pivotal scene and wants to see how much it might be worth. Next up, is a visit to Peter Botwright of Wested Leather— a man who is most known for making leather jackets for the fictitious action hero Indiana Jones. Botwright is genuinely surprised that his creations could be worth so much. After getting sized for some authentic Indiana Jones leather coats, Joe and crew are off to meet the charismatic owner of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and take a ride around town.

The Sale: Turns out Harvey Stevens has had second thoughts and instead of mailing the tricycle, he's sent one of his costumes from The Omen to auction off instead.

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