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Joe Gets Animated
Season 1 - Episode 106
Joe Gets Animated
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The Items: With time running out until the next auction, Joe Maddalena is looking for a few good consignments and the yellow brick road from The Wizard of Oz is at the top of his must-find list. Also on the list? A "cool" movie car, and something from the largest animation collection in the world, courtesy of Paul Massey, a terminally ill friend who needs the money for medical care.

The Hunt: Naturally, Joe and Brian make Paul their first priority and head over to his house to assess his collection. Since Paul's collection is so vast, Joe decides to sell a few key pieces to bring some attention to Paul's collection rather than trying to sell the whole kit and caboodle. The crown jewel seems to be a pair of headphones previously owned by Walt Disney himself. Meanwhile, Joe gets a promising tip from Jerry (an actor from The Wizard of Oz) about the elusive yellow brick road and Jon struggles to authenticate Paul's collection. When Joe can't find the yellow brick road and realizes that he'll have to outsource the authentication of Paul's collection, he is very thankful that Tracey has cornered a lead on a movie star car. Just in the nick of time Tracey and Joe snag the real-life KITT from the NBC's recent Knight Rider series to sell at auction.

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