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Joe's Golden Opportunity
Season 1 - Episode 107
Joe's Golden Opportunity
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The Treasures: There's nothing like an impromptu trip to England and, since Joe Maddalena is still enamored with his last visit, he wants to do it again. Like, now. With only seven days until the next auction, he'll need to make it fast, but not before a visit to the east coast to drop off an item for John Azarian. While he's out east, Joe also plans to track down the medal that was given to the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz.

The Hunt: After a tour of Azarian's massive mansion in New Jersey, Joe stops by the home of Michael Stein, who owns the lion's medal from The Wizard of Oz— an item that Stein outbid Joe for thirteen years prior. Joe thinks he can sell it for $200,000 — $300,000 but Stein isn't ready to part with it yet. Thankfully, back in LA, Joe gets a visit from Richard Lindsey, an avid memorabilia collector looking for funds to revive his music career.

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