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The Munster Hunt
Season 1 - Episode 108
The Munster Hunt
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The Treasures: This week, Joe Maddalena has the innovative idea of creating an appraisal fair, or his version of a "Hollywood Antiques Roadshow." A few short days later, Joe sets up on Hollywood Boulevard to give free appraisals to any and everyone who wants one.

The Hunt: The appraisal fair naturally leads to a few on-the-spot appraisals for fun items like Frank Sinatra's toupee, Steve O's cheetah-print underwear from Jackass, the original Freddie Kruger claws from A Nightmare on Elm Street and some old film from the Star Trek television series. A few days later, at the Animation Convention, Joe scores a framed painting from Sleeping Beauty and the first issues of both Green Hornet and Superman. Meanwhile, Tracey is able to track down Helen Darras, the author of the Butch Patrick ("Eddie Munster") biography who is ready to auction off the very first "Eddie Munster" costume jacket.

The Sale: At the eagerly anticipated auction, the framed painting from Sleeping Beauty sells for $10,000, which is exactly the price Joe predicted. Meanwhile, the first issue of Green Hornet goes for $1,800, a figure that was likely helped by the buzz about the upcoming Green Hornet film starring Seth Rogen.

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