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In Full Effects
Season 1 - Episode 109
In Full Effects
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The Treasures: This week, Joe Maddalena and his treasure hunters have charity on their mind. Variety The Children's Charity, is a Los Angeles-based non-profit dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of children around the world and Joe wants to do his part to support it with a huge auction. With only seven days left until auction, though, he has very little time to round up some good items.

The Hunt: Mike Burkey, Spiderman comic book dealer extraordinaire, drops by the office with four of his best pieces for Joe to auction off and, after sending out the staff to collect what they can, Joe ends up with some other great items, like a sword from Chronicles of Narnia, a disc from the soon to be released Tron: Legacy and an Iron Man bust signed by Stan Lee, himself. Meanwhile, a visit to Sam Winston's legendary special effects studio produces a gorilla head from the movie Instinct, which Joe convinces the Winston family to auction to raise money for the recently created Stan Winston School of Character Arts. For this week's charity auction, the Winston family also donates a T-Rex tooth from Jurassic Park.

The Sale: At auction, the T-Rex tooth from Jurassic Park sells for $2,750— quite a bit more than Joe anticipated— and the exact same price that the signed Iron Man bust sells for. The sword from Narnia goes for $1,400, while the disc from Tron nets a cool $8,500 from an online bidder. All told, Joe's auction raises $46,000 for Variety, an amount they are more than thrilled with.

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