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Joe's Judgement Day
Season 1 - Episode 110
Joe's Judgement Day
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The Treasures: Auction time is drawing near and Joe Maddalena is looking for a few good items to sell. In terms of leads, there's Bill Boyd, a producer and personal collector, Chris Judge of the Stargate SG-1 TV series, Joe Moe, a former caretaker for "Forry" (Forest J. Ackerman) whom many consider to be the godfather of science fiction, and Ed Gogin a collector who lives in Orange County.

The Hunt: At Ed Gogin's house Joe is amazed by the collection of Planet of the Apes items Gogin has collected over the years— none more amazing than a massive "lawgiver" statue in Gogin's backyard. Joe pitches hard but Gogin isn't willing to part with anything yet. Next up is Joe Moe, who offers a magazine and a piece of art but Joe still wants more. At Bill Boyd's home, Jon and Brian find a very life-like wax sculpture of Jerry Lewis as The Nutty Professor but Boyd wants to keep it. To get more items for the auction, it all falls to Tracey and her pursuit of Chris Judge, who turns out to be the mother lode. So much so, that Joe decides to do a whole "Stargate" lot for the auction.

The Sale: At auction, the fantasy magazine that Joe Moe contributed sells for $3,500 while the work of art he consigned goes for $7,000— amounts that even surprise the veteran Hollywood Treasure hunter Joe Maddalena. When the "Stargate" lot comes up, Tracey is nervous since it was her lead but she needn't have been— the Stargate items rake in more than $30,000 even though a few items were not bid on at all.

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