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Chasing Rudolph
Season 1 - Episode 111
Chasing Rudolph
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The Treasures: On this Holiday-themed episode of Hollywood Treasure, Joe Maddalena is on the hunt for a few special items to make his auction a success. Good thing he's reached out to people who can give him what he needs (hopefully). There's Peter Lutrario, an awning manufacturer who also collects Superman and Batman memorabilia; Eddie McClintock, an actor from Warehouse 13 and Jim Manning, a writer and collector who plans to create his own museum.

The Hunt: While Peter Lutrario does have lots of treasures to show, including a life-size Batmobile and the Rudolph and Santa puppets from the 1964 production of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, he isn't ready to sell any of it yet. At Eddie McClintock's home Joe and Tracey uncover a Tesla Gun from Warehouse 13 which McClintock is willing to auction as long as the money is donated to a charity called KaBOOM, that builds playgrounds for children in need. Then, at McClintock's suggestion, Joe also reaches out to Colin Ferguson, an actor from Eureka, who stops by the office with his full costume from the show. Finally, Bill Manning wants to keep most of his items for his soon to be built museum but he does offer up an iconic puppet from Gremlins 2.

The Sale: At the auction, the puppet from Gremlins 2 goes for $16,000, which will go a long way to help Manning with his new museum. And, to benefit KaBOOM, Colin Ferguson's costume sells for $1,700 and the Tesla Gun from Warehouse 13, starts a bidding war before finally selling for $5,000. All told, Joe was able to raise more than $8,000 for KaBOOM. It's another job well done for the Hollywood Treasure Hunters.

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