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Justice for Dorothy
Season 1 - Episode 112
Justice for Dorothy
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The Treasures: For the season finale, Joe has charity on his mind again. This time he's looking to help Team Fox, Michael J. Fox's nonprofit for Parkinson's disease research. Tracey gets things started by setting up a meeting with Bob Gayle, the creator of Back To The Future. Also on tap is a visit to Michael Shaw, whom Joe hopes will help find the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

The Hunt: Bob Galye parts with a few iconic items from Back To The Future, but only because the proceeds are being donated to Team Fox. After that, Joe surprises Gayle by showing him a complete working replica of the space age DeLorean used in the film. Joe knows that the replica, created over the course of four years by Joe Walser, won't sell unless it has Gayle's approval. Thankfully, after a thorough inspection, Gayle gives the car his nod. Later, the search for the ruby slippers begins when Joe and Brian visit Michael Shaw, and Jon meets with Rhys Thomas, author of the book, The Ruby Slippers of Oz. Joe even visits the scene of the crime where the slippers were stolen. Back at the office, the staff collects more Back To The Future items from all over the world, like the actual jacket and sneakers Michael J. Fox wore in the iconic movies.

The Sale: At the auction, the collection of items in Bob Gale's lot fetch $49,500, the jacket Michael J. Fox wore as "Marty" goes for $75,000 and, the big prize, Joe Walser's mock Back To The Future DeLorean, sells for an incredible $95,000. All of which makes it a great night for Team Fox.

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