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Packrats, Robots and Oz
Season 1 - Episode 113
Packrats, Robots and Oz
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Joe is passionate about his work, which is why it's doubly sweet when he gets to help someone who really needs it. Such is the case with Lauren Vogt, a San Francisco resident and longtime prop and makeup artist in need of a financial infusion to save her home. Joe trepidatiously approaches her storage shed, a mildewed, ramshackle structure, in hopes of finding some valuable artifacts. With a career as solid as Lauren's, it's no surprise that he finds several items - models from James and the Giant Peach and Nightmare Before Christmas and masks from Enemy Mine. Lauren thought she might be able to get a few thousand dollars for her things, but Joe tells her to quadruple her expectations to about $20,000 for her collectible artwork. Lauren is on the verge of tears that her keepsakes and artwork might have the power to save her house.

Joe returns to his office in L.A. to some promising news: Stacey received a call from Dragon Books about a man who has a copy of The Wizard of Oz signed by every cast member from the movie - even Toto! The reason? This bookseller is the grandson of the Tin Man.

The next day, Joe goes to visit Bill Malone, a film director and collector of Golden Era sci-fi movie artifacts. Bill takes Joe to the Atlantis of Hollywood treasures, the original Robbie the Robot, star of Forbidden Planet and dozens of other films and television shows. Although Bill loves this robot too much to auction it, he does send along the original, working ray gun from Forbidden Planet to see who might snap it up at auction.

Bill and his team are excited about the lot they have to call, and they start with the gun. Bidding is hot all the way through, and it's no surprise that the final price is astronomical. Next comes The Wizard of Oz, clocking a cool $40,000 when the gavel lands.

And now for the big hope that Lauren's goods will earn her enough to save her home. They start with the head of Miss Ladybug from James and the Giant Peach. It looks like it won't be a big ticket item, but at the last minute, someone phones in a bid and the price shoots up to $8,000! Rallies follow for her other models, and in the end, the auction wins her $62,250. Everyone feels great about saving Lauren's home, and getting some glittering movie artifacts to loving collectors.

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