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Endoskeletons in the Closet
Season 1 - Episode 114
Endoskeletons in the Closet
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One of Joe's good friends, Stan Winston - creator on the Terminator franchise, Jurassic Park, Alien and many other classic films - passed away not too long ago. His son-in-law, Eric Lidoff, has called Joe to help auction some of their family heirlooms to help fund a character school in Stan's name. Joe finds some good items, such as a stunt mask and several Terminator heads, there's nothing that will bring in the kind of money the family really needs to found the school the way they want to. Reluctantly, Eric takes Joe to a separate location and shows him the mother lode - a full endoskeleton from Terminator II. It's a fully animatronic hero model, meaning it was used for the close-ups in the iconic scenes. This piece alone could raise the money they want to give kids a great education in character creation. It's a bittersweet transaction, but Eric hands off the skeleton to Joe so that the school can thrive.

Meanwhile, Stacey may have made a great find. There's a plane on the roof of a local restaurant that could be the plane from the James Bond film Octopussy. After meeting with the owner of the restaurant and taking a look at the piece, Joe and his team set about ensuring that it's actually the authentic plane from the film, and not a copy. Sadly, there are too many inconsistencies between the plane on the roof and the screen shots they compare it to - they'll have to pass on this one, but at least a mystery has been solved.

The final contribution to the auction comes from a man named Dave Gregory, who has been holding on to the original title cards from RKO Studios. Joe is not sure how much they'll bring in, but it's sure to be interesting.

At the auction, the bidding opens for the title cards at $800 and rockets to $5,000, then $25 and $30,000, finally bringing in $80,000 - more than anyone could've guessed!

Stan Winston's pieces start out at modest prices, with the skulls and mask bringing in a few thousand dollars. But when the full endoskeleton is cried, it only takes a heartbeat for the price to shoot from $100,000 to $180,000! This is a great gift to future students of character creation, and a great honor to one of the industry's premiere artists.

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