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Trek to the Future
Season 1 - Episode 115
Trek to the Future
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A lifelong collector, Desi Dos Santos, has learned that the hoverboard from Back to the Future III is coming up for auction, and he wants it bad. But in order to buy the item from his favorite movie, he'll have to sell something from his own collection. Joe sees several items that could pull in the kind of capital Desi will need to buy the board - the hero motorcycle from Terminator II's highway scene, a helmet from Top Gun, even a DeLorean from Back to The Future III - but nothing that Desi is willing to part with. After a little more searching, Joe finds a Green Goblin mask, and Desi lets Joe take it back to the office for authentication. It's a match, so to auction it goes at an estimated price of $12,000-15,000.

The next call is from a man named Brick who makes NASA-spec models for space movies. The key find here is a model of what would've been the Enterprise in the follow-up series to Star Trek, but the price isn't right for Brick, so the team goes home empty-handed.

Joe then visits Mike Van Eaten, who has an original painting from the "Haunted Mansion" ride at Disneyland. Joe calls in an expert on the ride, a man who has worked for Disney for decades, and he verifies that it's the real deal.

Now comes the auction, and Desi has his fingers crossed that the Goblin mask will sell for a high enough price, and that he'll win his hoverboard. The mask shoots way beyond expectations and sells for $27500. Moments later, Desi scores his dream prop for a cool 20k.

The painting from "Haunted Mansion" also exceeds expectations - it was estimated to sell for $30,000, but rings in at $47,500. It was a great day for everyone, but Joe is quick to note that tomorrow, the process starts all over again!

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