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Monsters and Miracles
Season 1 - Episode 116
Monsters and Miracles
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Everybody wants a piece of the auction action! Today, Joe's mom comes in to tell him about a man in Hinckley, OH with a house literally full of memorabilia from Christmas movies. Joe flies out with Tracey to get a first-hand look, and they find some of the most special pieces either of them have seen from Christmas movies: clothes from Fred Claus, Will Farrell's costume from Elf, the engagement ring from The Grinch, and the infamous snowsuit from A Christmas Story.

Unfortunately, it all has such sentimental value to the owner - a man named Mark Claus, who happens to be a dead ringer for Kris Kringle - that he just can't bring himself to part with it. He and his wife, Dana, are going to give it some thought and visit Joe when they're in L.A. in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Brian and Jon go to visit a mask maker, and find a full-body creature from the film Jeepers Creepers II that could sell for about $8,000. Rounding out the bay this time is a hefty collection of checks signed by celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock. The collection was the life's joy of Olan Chiles who recently passed away and stated in his will that he'd like his son, Gary, to sell the entire collection. Joe promises to find a good home for them.

And Mark Claus drops by the office with a true gem: the original papier-mache sleigh and reindeer from Miracle on 34th Street. Although it pains him to let this go, he needs to do it - the funds from the sale will help him properly display the rest of his collection.

And it's a whiz-bang of an auction - the full-body creeper goes for $2,000 more than the estimated $8,000, and the 34th Street sleigh goes for $22,500. But the real dazzler is the check collection. Joe estimated it would sell for about $12,000, but the price at the end of the day is almost triple that: $33,000.

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