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The One That Got Away
Season 1 - Episode 118
The One That Got Away
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Joe has the bright idea to visit Steven Kirk (no relation to the captain) at Abacus to search through their collection of props, costumes and set decorations. Though it looks at first like the hunt will be a wash, they dig deep enough and eventually find some key pieces. Steven has been refurbishing a shuttle from the series Star Trek: Enterprise starring Scott Bakula, and Joe thinks it could go for $40,000. They also find a photon torpedo from the original Star Trek, the Gozer costume from Ghostbusters, and a full costume of a Vogon character from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Joe has a personal mission - he found out about the character Enik from Land of the Lost that came up for sale, and he wants it for his personal collection. The owner considers passing it on, but can't part with it.

The next task is authenticating a one-sheet from the film Invisible Man. Turns out it's a match to the original run, so to auction it goes!

The torpedo is first up, and goes for its estimated $1,000.  The shuttlecraft doesn't fare so well - the highest bid is below the seller's lowest price, so the item passes. The Gozer costume looks like it'll sell for $3,000, but rallies at the last minute to $8,000, and the Vogon costume sells for $2,500. But the poster is the big winner for the day, coming in at $200,000!

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