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Blood, Sweat & Terminators
Season 1 - Episode 119
Blood, Sweat & Terminators
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It's a special time at Profiles in History, the time of year when they open their doors to anyone at large who might have a Hollywood relic to consign for auction. Joe issues a challenge to his team: Whoever finds the best consignment item gets a free trip to Hawaii!

Stacey wants to win bad, so she heads to Roxy Deluxe, a costume rental warehouse, and chats with the women who run the place. They point her in the direction of a legendary sweater, that of The Dude from The Big  Lebowski. She's thrilled, and can't wait to get it back to the office for authentication. If it checks out, she has the contest in the bag!

Jesse gets a false start when he finds a prop maker in possession of a flamethrower from Men in Black. It's worth a ton of money, but the owner is ultimately unwilling to sell it. But Jesse gets back in the saddle and meets an actor named Les Hemstock who owns a special effects head from Terminator 2 as well as a statue of the Lawgiver, one of the principal figures in Beneath the Planet of the Apes. Both of these items are authentic, and Jesse is back in the game.

Jon, meanwhile, meets the real-life sons of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle from the 1950s iteration of the TV show of the same name. They have her original costume, and are ready to hand it to someone who can give it a good home. And Joe's big find is Clark Gable's Air Force jacket, hand tailored for him.

At auction, the jacket goes for an easy $8,000 and the Sheena costume rallies higher, to $30,000, putting Jon in the lead. Jesse's first item, the T2 special effects head, doesn't attract any attention! Jesse is stunned, but he still has a shot with the Lawgiver head, the actual model that was shown bleeding in the film. In a stop-and-go bidding war, it looks like he might eclipse Jon, but in the end, the head closes at $25,000 - so close to winning that trip to Hawaii, yet so far!

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