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Holy Gobstopper, Batman!
Season 1 - Episode 120
Holy Gobstopper, Batman!
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Tracey read a newspaper article about a man named Wesley Cannon, a veteran and contractor, who has built himself a true man-cave full of movie memorabilia. She, Joe and Jon arrive at his house in Raleigh, North Carolina to survey the collection, and it is truly impressive, featuring the body tree from 300 as well as some pristine pieces from The Dark Crystal, including a head of one of the evildoer Skeksis and one of the gentle Landstrider creatures. Wes is not ready to part with the tree, but he sees the value of letting go of the Dark Crystal props in order to reinvest in other movie treasures.

Back in L.A., they've just authenticated an everlasting gobstopper from the original Willie Wonka movie, and Joe sends Tracey to find more lots from the film for the auction. She does so with aplomb: She connects with the film's director, Mel Stuart, who has a wealth of items from the beloved film. The crown jewel is the brown top hat worn by Gene Wilder - too dear to Mel for him to part with. But, he also has a Wonka bar (made of cardboard, not chocolate) and the original script, complete with an ending that never saw the light of day.

Another exciting find is Robin's sidecar from the Batman television series, which Joe thinks could fetch about $30,000 at auction. But to be sure it's the real deal, Joe has it authenticated by none other than Burt Ward, the original Robin. After a careful going over, Burt declares its authenticity!

At the auction, the Wonka items come first, with the script selling for $2,250 and the Wonka bar for $3,750. The gobstopper starts at $11,000 but rockets to $17,000, finally closing at $42,500!

Next up is the Sskeksis head from The Dark Crystal, selling for $6,000. The Landstrider head also does well, closing at $4,750. And the new owner of Robin's batcycle sidecar happily claims the keys for a cool $30,000. It was a great day for everyone.

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