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The Zombie And The Rocketeer
Season 1 - Episode 123
The Zombie And The Rocketeer
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Writer-producer-director Frank Darabont wants to do something for the victims of the tsunami in Japan, so he tells Joe to have at his collection. Almost anything is fair game from the badges and rock hammers from The Shawshank Redemption, to "Sparky," the electric chair from The Green Mile.

Frank also sends Joe and his team to the workshop of his friend and colleague, Greg Nicotero at KNB EFX Group, who has made props and creatures for several of Frank's productions, including the new hit, The Walking Dead. The gang has a great time looking at all of the zombies and monsters, and Jon even plays zombie by sticking his head into a prop dead horse! But Tracey gets them all when she dons a zombie mask and holds perfectly still. Her patience pays off Joe walks by and – ARRRG! – she jumps up and scares the lights out of him! They had a great time, and they're thrilled to be bringing these valuable masks to auction.

Brian and Jesse, meanwhile, are at Monsterpalooza, the Comic-Con of the movie monster world. They speak to several actors, such as Julie Adams from Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Ann Robinson from War of the Worlds, to see if they might have any items they'd want to consign, but it's all misses, no hits. Finally, Jesse spots a helmet from the cult favorite, The Rocketeer. Brian is dubious about the authenticity at first, but when he sees a Disney Adventures magazine that authenticates the helmet with several details, he's thrilled.

At the auction, the helmet sells easily for $10,000, and then it's on to the charity collection from Frank Darabont and Greg Nicotero. The Shawshank rock hammers are up first, estimated at $1000. The room is quiet for a moment, but then an opening bid is thrown out - $12,000! They sell for a final price of $19,000.

The rest of the collection is eagerly and quickly consumed, netting $99,000 for tsunami relief. The donors and the Profiles team are thrilled that so much good can be done for the victims of this terrible disaster.

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