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Chamber of Secrets
Season 2 - Episode 202
Chamber of Secrets
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When Todd Fisher, brother of Carrie Fisher, calls, you know he has something special to share. This time, it's the camera used by George Lucas to shoot Episode Four of Star Wars. Joe would love to auction the piece, but Todd plays hardball and demands a guarantee of $100,000. When Joe looks like he's going to pass, Todd makes it irresistible and says he'll allow Joe to auction Marilyn Monroe's "That Old Black Magic" dress from the film Bus Stop if he takes the camera. The prestige of selling such a piece is enticing, and Joe agrees.

At auction, Marilyn's dress goes for $230,000 - Marilyn never disappoints. But neither does Star Wars - the camera sells for a small fortune of $520,000, making it the most expensive Star Wars collectible of all time.

Another iron in the fire is the possibility of selling the house - that's right, house - from American Horror Story. A house would be a first for Joe and his team, and while the owners eventually decide that an auction is not the way they want to go, Joe has a taste for real estate now, and directs Stacey to expand in that direction if she can.

Meanwhile, David Dillon, who was a close friend of John Chambers, has some effects from that legendary makeup artists that he'd like to consign. David has some significant medical bills to take care of, and while the memory of John's work is almost too precious to part with, David knows that this man, like a father to him, would want him to live to see his children grow and flourish.

Together, David and Joe are able to assemble a collection of masks and casts that should add up to $30,000 - the minimum amount that David needs to pay off his bills. But one item stumps them both: A briefcase with a recording device and all kinds of strange wires. Joe calls in Danny Beederman, an expert of film and TV spy lore. He informs them that the briefcase, along with a binder reading "Confidential," were Chambers's effects from his time consulting the CIA on disguises. This could be a great find for the auction.

John's most famous work, the head of Zira from Planet of the Apes, and the head from the Six Finger episode of Outer Limits, go for disappointingly low prices, and when all of the screen-used memorabilia is gone, the auction is only at a total of $15,000 - not enough to get David clear of his financial worries. But when the CIA briefcase comes up, it's like David's prayers were heard and answered, because it sells for a final price of $20,000. The makeup kit then garners a price tag of $65,000, bringing David's pay day to over $100,000. He and his wife are deeply grateful to the Profiles in History team, and especially to their dear friend, John Chambers.

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