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Auctions Are Like a Box of Chocolates
Season 2 - Episode 204
Auctions Are Like a Box of Chocolates
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Chris Christian, one of Joe's oldest colleagues - and one of the biggest collectors around - has asked Joe to come to his house in Texas to look at a very special piece of memorabilia. While Joe is away, Tracey and Jon follow a lead on some Wonder Woman pieces. When they meet the collector, Tracey authenticates them by sight, pays a risky $5,000 for them, and brings them back to the Profiles loft.

But Tracey's instincts may have been off. When she and Jon bring in a props specialist, he can't match them to any of the screen grabs, even though all his senses tell him that the pieces - a set of cuffs and a magic lasso - feel 100% right. They call in a Wonder Woman specialist, the son of the prop master for the show, who tells them that the cuffs are even more special than they supposed: They show marks of being the cuffs that Lynda Carter wore in the episode where Wonder Woman was sent to jail. The pieces are authentic!

When he returns from Texas, Joe has mixed news. Chris Christian consigned THE running hat from Forrest Gump, but also asked Joe to take the 21-foot model of the Red October, the sub from the movie The Hunt for Red October. Joe doesn't think the sub will sell, but Chris told him that if the sub sold for more than the hat at auction, he'd give him his prize piece to auction: the "box of chocolates" bench from Forrest Gump.

The Wonder Woman pieces are up first, and go for a collective $12,000. Tracey is glad she can trust her instincts. The hat is up next, and sells for $11,000 - will the sub pass that mark? The Red October opens at $8,000, but it doesn't take long before a bidding war drives it up to sell at $95,000. Of course, it was a very successful auction, but Joe is slightly disappointed that he didn't get the chance to sell the bench.

Later, he and Jon go to a memorabilia convention, called the Hollywood Show, where Jon finds a piece from his own history: His costume from Lost. Jon played one of the Others, and his friend Addison Arquette's costume is there, as well. For the pair, the owner won't take less than $5,000, so Jon calls Addison to see if they can sell some of their other Lost stuff to raise the money. Jon sells a very special knife and Addison sells a piece of the hull of the plane that crashed, and together, they pull in enough cash to win back their costumes.

And two private collectors come in to consign items: One has an authentic Immortal mask from 300, which goes for $4000 at auction. The other has a lock of Marilyn Monroe's hair with a note from the star to her hairdresser, but since there's no DNA test to accompany it, Joe can't take the risk.

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