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X Marks the Prop
Season 2 - Episode 205
X Marks the Prop
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Brian startshis day with Michael Mansfield, a collector and musician interested in commissioning a phaser from the Star Trek television series. Such pieces are incredibly rare, so when George Takei and John Long, props specialist, both authenticate it, everyone in the Profiles loft is thrilled.

And, it seems like a sci-fi kind of day, because soon, they get a call from a longtime associate named Ed Zine who wants to bring over his model of C-3PO and discuss auctioning it. Joe knows Ed well, and knows that it'll be tough for him to let go of any of his items, so he calls in Don Post, creator of the droid mold in question. When Ed meets Don, he flips out, but ultimately, he's unable to part with the piece that holds so many good memories of his mother.

A sure win, however, waits at the ranch of Oscar-winning makeup artist, Ve Neill. She wants to raise money for her charity, Horses to Heart, so she's selling two amazing items: the ultra-modern couch and the coffin from Beetlejuice. At auction, the couch sells for $1,500 and the coffin for $5,000, and Ve is grateful that she'll be able to help so many disadvantaged kids have a day at a horse ranch. It's a good day for Michael and his phaser, too, which sells for $65,000 and helps him realize his dream of producing his own music video.

Joe is dubious of Jon's next lead, an antiques shop in Oklahoma City, and sure enough, when they get there, only one item is shiny enough to catch their attention. Shop owner Matt Parsons has Wolverine's dog tags from X-Men 2. Although his asking price is way out of Joe's comfort zone, he really doesn't want to go home empty-handed, so he manages to talk Matt down from $4,000 to $3,000.

After they seal the deal, Matt directs him to a local man, Anthony Kelly, who has one of the most sought-after pieces in recent movie history: Wolverine's claws. It's an emotional process to let the claws go, but eventually, Anthony and his wife agree to auction them. When they sell for $35,000, everyone is thrilled with the result.

Brian met with a collector who needs to sell one of his items, an animatronic gorilla head from the movie Instinct, which goes for the tidy sum of $5,000. It's been a great auction for a lot of people in a lot of different ways.

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