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Joe Maddalena


Born into a family of antiques dealers in Rhode Island, Joseph "Joe" Maddalena learned early on how to turn his passion of collecting historical autographs into a career. He moved to California in 1980 and attended Pepperdine University. Needing to support himself, Joe turned to his hobby of buying and selling historical documents as a potential way to earn revenue. On weekends he scoured old Hollywood bookstores for letters and rare books. Upon graduation from Pepperdine, Joe pursued his passion to become a full-time dealer of historical documents, and the rest is history.

He later expanded his horizons as a collector to include all facets of entertainment and historic memorabilia. Joe opened his first office in 1985 and has since had a myriad of exciting experiences in the world of artifacts. A lifetime member of the Manuscript Society, Joe is widely recognized as the nation's leading authority on entertainment memorabilia and historical documents. In February 2009, Joe worked with the Library of Congress to stage "With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Exhibition," the most successful exhibition in its history, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birthday.

Known as an authority for truly outstanding quality material, Joe's clients include business leaders, rock stars, sports heroes, world-renowned journalists, entertainment executives and A-list celebrities. He's also dedicated to supporting his community and is a generous benefactor to numerous children's organizations.

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