Hollywood TreasureTeam

Brian Chanes

Head of Acquisitions

Brian Chanes is a key element in making sure Profiles in History runs smoothly. Always calm under pressure, Brian's big smile and easygoing charm puts clients at ease. He began with the company in 1991 as an assistant and has since been a part of the business' continued success and growth, as the "frontline ambassador".

Brian shares Joe's love of historical documents but his true passion is in collecting Hollywood memorabilia. Brian is a huge sci-fi fan and loves everything Star Trek. His favorite item that Profiles in History has ever handled was the commander chair from the series, which sold for a whopping $305,000.

When he's not dealing with millions of dollars worth of memorabilia, Brian's at home with his wife and four-year-old son in Malibu, or hitting the open road on his motorcycle.

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